Legal experts and advocates gathered in a conference call with reporters today to discuss the Hawaii and Maryland court rulings against Trump’s Muslim and refugee ban, and a $3 billion supplemental funding request to Congress to expand Trump’s deportation force and immigrant detention camps. A recording of today’s event... Continue »
On Thursday March 16th, the White House requested $3 billion dollars as the first down-payment on Trump’s executive orders to implement his mass deportation agenda.  Without this funding, there is no money for a wall, new Border Patrol and ICE agents, and more detention facilities that fuel the private... Continue »
The more President Donald Trump articulates his dangerous, extreme and dystopian view of America, the weaker he gets as a president. Yesterday, two different federal judges ruled against the Trump Administration’s second attempt at a Muslim and refugee ban, citing that the public statements of candidate and President Trump... Continue »
On June 16, 2015, now President Trump launched his campaign with insulting remarks against immigrants. During the campaign, he turned those insults into policy. In Phoenix, Arizona, then candidate Trump laid out an immigration policy that targeted any undocumented person for deportation and proposed to ban not only Muslims... Continue »
***MEDIA ADVISORY*** TODAY, March 16 1 pm EST DIAL IN: 800-895-1549 ; PASSCODE: ‘IMMIGRATION’ This Week in the Immigration Debate: MD and HI Courts Rule Against Trump’s Muslim and Refugee Ban; Trump’s Deportation Force Funding Request Washington, DC – Following the Hawaii and Maryland court rulings against Trump’s Muslim... Continue »
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English (noticias en español al final de la página): REVISED TRUMP TRAVEL BAN: RESTRAINING ORDER RULING IN HAWAII Associated Press The Latest: Trump suffers new defeat on revised travel ban March 16, 2017 Associated Press The Latest: Judge who put ban on hold questions evidence March 15, 2017 Associated... Continue »
On a press call tonight, legal experts analyzed the latest developments in the litigation against President Trump’s second take on an unconstitutional and un-American Muslim and refugee ban. Tonight, Hawaii U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson froze Trump’s executive order nationwide. We are still awaiting rulings from two other federal... Continue »
***MEDIA ADVISORY*** TODAY, MARCH 15 8:30 PM EST DIAL IN: 877-876-9177 PASSCODE: BAN 8:30 PM Press Call: Legal Experts React to and Analyze Nationwide Temporary Restraining Order Against Trump’s Muslim and Refugee Ban Washington, DC – On a press call tonight, March 15 at 8:30 pm EST, legal experts... Continue »
Donald Trump’s mass deportation crackdown is here, rounding up immigrants indiscriminately, arresting those who are clearly not “bad hombres”, and detaining those who have no business being detained. Among other things, his crackdown is bad for agriculture. And, because so much of the agriculture industry relies on the work of... Continue »
Yesterday, Steve King continued to demonstrate his overtly white nationalist worldview and offered reminders why Republicans’ refusal to disavow King is a stain on the party of Lincoln. Steve King advocates for shockingly racist novel On a conservative radio show yesterday, Rep. King laid out a zero-sum game view... Continue »