It has been nearly four years since the May 2008 ICE raid at the Agriprocessors kosher meat packing facility in Postville, Iowa. The raid, which was the largest worksite enforcement raid in U.S. history, resulted in the conviction and deportation of more than 300 undocumented immigrants, the majority of... Continue »
As the story of sexual abuse at an elementary school in Los Angeles continues to shock the nation, Spanish-language media is reporting another tragic development. Parents of some Miramonte Elementary School children are afraid to go to informational meetings or talk to the police because they worry that... Continue »
In Alabama this Valentine's Day? Help us take a stand against HB 56, Alabama's immigration law. The state legislature returns to session this week and we need to show them that there is NO love for HB 56 in Alabama. Continue »
Pete Wilson could help Mitt Romney. Pete Wilson could hurt Mitt Romney. Both of these things are true. But the help Romney could receive from Wilson, the former California governor, during the Republican presidential primary could further wreck his reputation with Latino voters, the fastest-growing voting bloc, in the... Continue »
Opponents of Alabama's contested immigration law are asking local manufacturers of Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Hyundai cars to help them push for a total repeal of the law in the state's Republican-controlled legislature. Continue »
Civil rights, labor and immigration activists say they are returning to Selma, Ala. next month to protest state laws they say will largely prevent black and Latino voters, the poor, students and the elderly from voting. Continue »
Opponents of Alabama's law on illegal immigration are planning a Valentine's Day demonstration at the Statehouse in Montgomery. The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is organizing a day of rallying and lobbying at the Legislature next Tuesday. Continue »
The Justice Department is reviewing Georgia's tough new immigration law and is discussing it with businessmen and law enforcement officials here, but it has not decided to sue to block the statute like it has in four other states, U.S. Assistant Attorney General Tony West said Tuesday. Continue »
As he pushed further and further to the right in his effort to fend off the corps of arch-conservative rivals for his party's presidential nomination, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney probably didn't think some of what he was doing would have much effect in the larger states that will provide... Continue »