Below is the second installment of results of the Latino and Asian American election eve poll results. Part one available HERE and full state and national data on candidate choices will be released as the polls close in each state tonight. Throughout the day, nationwide and state-specific Latino poll findings will be posted HERE as... Continue »
Below are key candidate questions for the Pennsylvania-specific Asian American election eve polls, conducted by Asian American Decisions. Full toplines and crosstabs available for Asian American poll findings will be posted online HERE starting tomorrow. In PA, Asian American voters backed Clinton over Trump by a 83-15% margin.  Asian American voters in PA supported Katie McGinty... Continue »
Below are select results on key issues and voting process questions released as part of the first installment of the Latino Decisions and Asian American Decisions election eve national and state polls. More details will be released as part of a 4 PM ET/1 PM PT press call this afternoon... Continue »
And how exit polling is likely to get the Latino vote wrong, too Many are surprised by the high turnout rates and evident determination of Latino voters to make their voice heard in this election. There are a number of factors for this surge: the growth of the Latino... Continue »
American Public Overwhelmingly Supports Legalization and Rejects Deportation Trump’s Overt Nativism Actually Driving Up Support For Practical, Humane Policy Though we are still hours away from the first 2016 polls closing, one result is already in: nativism lost big. GOP nominee Donald Trump made his hard line anti-immigrant stance... Continue »
Even Trump Voters Support “Stay” over “Go” By 2:1 New polling from Pew Research finds that by a 4:1 margin Americans support a policy that allows undocumented immigrants to stay legally over a policy that does not allow undocumented immigrants to stay legally.  Since Pew began asking this question in 2013,... Continue »
Two important new studies offer reminders about the tremendous costs that would be incurred if Donald Trump gets to put his extremism on immigration into practice as President. The studies, from the Center for American Progress and Pew Research, show why deporting undocumented immigrants from America would come at a huge cost to America’s fiscal... Continue »
Is Trump’s Nativism Driving Up Support for Humane Reforms? Last night, speaking at an annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) gala, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton reiterated her intention to introduce immigration reform legislation with a path to citizenship in the first 100 days of her presidency. The candidate acknowledged the skepticism about... Continue »