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2016 Latino and Asian American Election Eve Poll Findings, Part II: Approximately Half Report Early Voting; Immigration a Motivating Issue for Latinos; Asian American Voters More Enthusiastic than Ever

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Below is the second installment of results of the Latino and Asian American election eve poll results. Part one available HERE and full state and national data on candidate choices will be released as the polls close in each state tonightThroughout the day, nationwide and state-specific Latino poll findings will be posted HERE as they are made public. Asian American poll findings will be posted HERE starting tomorrow. 

Nationwide, 53% of Latino voters and 46% of Asian American voters cast a ballot before Election Day, either through early in-person voting and vote by mail or absentee ballot: For Latinos nationwide, 47% will vote on Election Day, 29% already cast a ballot at an early voting location; and 24% already voted by mail or absentee. For Asian American voters nationwide, 46% already voted either through an absentee ballot, a mail ballot, or an early voting location.

20% of Latinos are first time voters; plurality motivated by supporting Latino community rather than support for either party: Nationwide, 20% of Latino respondents said this was their first time voting in a presidential election, with higher numbers reported in states such as AZ (23%), CO (26%), FL (24%), IL (27%), NC (36%), NV (26%), NY (32%), and WI (23%). A plurality of 42% of Latinos said they voted to “support and represent the Latino community;” 34% came out to support Democratic candidates; and 11% to support GOP candidates.

Immigration is a motivating and personal issue for Latino voters, who overwhelmingly support immigration executive action: 60% of Latino voters nationwide reported knowing an undocumented immigrant; 81% support the 2012 DACA program for Dreamers; and 68% oppose the Republican-led lawsuit that has blocked the 2014 immigration executive action programs from taking effect.

Majority of Latinos say Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton “truly care” about Latinos and Donald Trump is “hostile” towards Latinos; plurality say GOP “does not care” about Latinos. 60% of Latinos say Hillary Clinton “truly cares” about Latinos, 31% say she does “not care too much,” and 5% say she is “hostile.” 57% say the Democratic Party “truly cares,” 33% say Democrats do “not care too much,” and 5% say “hostile.” Meanwhile, 55% of Latinos say Donald Trump is openly hostile to Latinos, while 29% say he just doesn’t care and just 13% say they think he does truly care about Latinos. 29% say the GOP “truly cares,” a plurality of 36% say the GOP doesn’t care too much, and 30% say the GOP is hostile towards Latinos.

Immigration key for Republicans to regain ground with Latinos. 18% of Latinos are solid Republicans, but 38% of respondents report that they have voted for a Republican candidate before. In a split sample question, 21% of Latinos say “I disagree with the Republican Party on many issues today, but I would consider supporting them in the future”—this figure jumps to 33% when that description includes “I would consider supporting them in the future if they help pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship.” Correspondingly, the percent saying the GOP has “now become so anti-Latino and anti-immigrant that it would be hard for me to ever consider supporting them in the future” moves from 52% to 41% when the question includes reference to Republicans helping to pass immigration reform.

High levels of enthusiasm among Asian American voters. Organizers on the ground working to educate and mobilize Asian American voters indicated a high level of enthusiasm and motivation for the 2016 elections. From issues ranging from the economy and jobs to health care, race relations, education, and immigration, the Asian American electorate understand how much is at stake in this election. Moreover, the poll also found that close to half (48%) of Asian Americans surveyed voted early.

 Among the key policy questions released as part of the Asian American election eve poll:

By a 57-24% margin, respondents supported executive action on immigration for Dreamers. The question asked whether “the next President should continue to use his/her executive powers to provide undocumented immigrant youth with legal work permits and temporary relief from deportation.”

By a 59-21% margin, respondents support executive action to prevent deportation of undocumented parents with U.S. citizen children.

The 5,600 person Latino election eve poll, conducted by Latino Decisions and sponsored by America’s Voice, SEIU, Mi Familia Vota, NCLR, and Latino Victory Project, includes both national figures and results from these twelve target states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, NC, NV, NY, OH, TX, VA, and WI. The 2,400 person Asian American election eve poll, sponsored by AAPI Civic Engagement Fund, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the National Education Association (NEA) includes both national figures and results from these eight target states: CA, FL, IL, NV, NC, PA, VA, and TX.