We’ve posted a longer video of Mitt Romney’s answers to immigration questions at yesterday’s Univision forum below. But, first, we were struck by this clip where Romney refers to DREAMers as “illegal aliens” – parroting the language of the anti-immigrant fringe: Heres’s the full answer on immigration. Romney never... Continue »
By Mandeep Chahal: For my entire life, just two pieces of paper stood between me and my dreams: a social security card and a work permit. Now with Obama’s new immigration policy, which will begin in mid-August, I will be able to apply and benefit from both of these... Continue »
On Wednesday, July 4, President Obama held a naturalization ceremony at the White House, welcoming 25 members of the military originally from 17 different countries as new American citizens. Obama’s thoughts via Byron York at Washington Examiner: We’re still perfecting our union, still extending the promise of America. That’s... Continue »
Cuando se habla de los Soñadores, jóvenes que luchan por la reforma migratoria, típicamente se habla de su confianza, energía y de su extraordinaria capacidad para seguir sus sueños. Pero casi nunca se habla de los procesos psicológicos internos que muchas veces se esconden tras sus gritos de protesta... Continue »
ORLANDO, Florida – If the Obama campaign counts Florida among the states that could swing either way come November 6th, a visit to the central region of the state shows why. The Hispanic voters I interviewed here expressed a lack of enthusiasm with the political process; some are already... Continue »
Matt, Van, Adam and I were just in Providence, Rhode Island where we attended Netroots Nation 2012, the year’s biggest conference of online progressive activists. Netroots Nation was also where America’s Voice Education Fund and Latino Decisions unveiled our new highly anticipated interactive Latino voter map, much to the glee... Continue »
Tools and Data Available at www.latinovotemap.org Allows User to View Different Scenarios, Outcomes Washington, DC – Latino voter behavior is one of the key variables in the 2012 election cycle, with both political parties navigating real challenges and opportunities in their effort to reach Latino voters.  In order to help... Continue »
PAC+ has recently released a series of hard-hitting videos in Arizona against Mitt Romney. The group is a super PAC whose welcome page on their website relates the story of America as one of diversity and struggle, calling it “the best of the American story.” The video, which was... Continue »
Obama Administration Policy to Protect Crime Victims Ignored, Community Leaders and Legal Experts Tell DHS to Do the Right Thing for Adolfo and Julio Miami, FL –In 2008, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in Florida raided the home of Adolfo Garcia and Julio Diaz, reportedly in search of... Continue »
Today, Dream Activist brings us news of a ninth grader who is scheduled to be deported this coming Sunday. According to their petition: Victoria was brought to the US when she was only 3 years old. Carina, Victoria’s mother wanted to give her little girl a better future, something... Continue »