Almost 5,000 young aspiring Americans in Iowa will soon be eligible to apply and test for a state driver’s license, as a result of petitions and grassroots activism that forced the state Department of Transportation (DOT) to reverse an earlier position. The DOT last month claimed that Iowa law prohibited it from allowing DREAMers recognized… Continue »

Las Vegas Sun: GOP tough talk on immigration turned off Hispanic voters in 2012 By Tovin Lapan January 23, 2013 NBC Latino: Analysis: One year after Romney’s “self-deport,” parties can’t ignore immigration reform By Sandra Lilley January 23, 2013 Los Angeles Times: Poll: GOP can woo Latino voters with shift on immigration By Brian Bennett… Continue »

Immigration reform has become a win-win-win issue—smart politics for both Republicans and Democrats, and smart policy for the nation.  Gary Segura, a Principal at Latino Decisions, and Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, gathered on a press call and webinar today to review new Latino Decisions analysis outlining what Republicans lost by following an anti-immigration strategy in the… Continue »

Cross-posted at Daily Kos: Happy anniversary! One year ago today, January 23, at a GOP presidential debate in Florida, Mitt Romney first announced his support for self-deportation and set the stage for his loss in November.  To jog your memory, here’s how Romney responded to a question from co-moderator Adam Smith of the Tampa Bay Times about how a President… Continue »

Laurene Powell, the widow of Apple’s Steve Jobs and a longtime supporter of the DREAM Act, launched a new website this week that calls on Congress to pass immigration reform for young aspiring Americans.  Called, the site features videos of DREAMers discussing how their lives would be better with the DREAM Act.  The website was… Continue »

A range of new polls offer fresh evidence that Americans want immigration reform with citizenship, while providing another reminder of the momentum behind immigration reform in 2013: Bipartisan Poll from Hart Research and Public Opinion Strategies – Overwhelming Support for Citizenship and Likely Legislative Framework: As Eliseo Medina of SEIU writes in Huffington Post of the bipartisan polling, “A… Continue »

Huffington Post (Blog): Bipartisan Poll Shows Huge Support for Immigration Reform With a Roadmap to Citizenship By Eliseo Medina January 22, 2013 Associated Press: Poll: Many say let illegal immigrants stay in US By Erica Werner and Dennis Junius January 22, 2013 CNN: TRENDING: CNN Poll: Do Americans agree with Obama on climate change and… Continue »

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has just identified immigration as the top legislative priority for the Senate in 2013—and that’s just the latest sign that immigration reform will happen this year.  Here are more signs–bipartisan signs–from the last few days: President Obama highlighted immigration as an issue to tackle yesterday during his second inaugural address,… Continue »

The U.S. Senate reconvened today and issued a list of their 2013 legislative priorities.  Immigration reform is listed as S.1, signifying its importance to Senate leadership. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund: Majority Leader Reid has made it clear – in his public statements and in his role as Senate… Continue »

Since the 2012 election, the Latino vote and how their influence dominated the ballot box has become a national headline, which is why PARADE Magazine has just announced that throughout 2013, they’ll be exploring the various and diverse ways Latinos are reshaping America.  After all, as Parade put it: When Barack Obama [took] the oath of office… Continue »