Arizona established itself over the past year as the most aggressive state in cracking down on illegal immigrants, gaining so much momentum with its efforts that several other states vowed to follow suit. But now the harsh realities of economics appear to have intruded, and Arizona may be looking... Continue »
It's been nearly two years since law-enforcement leaders from around the country gathered in Phoenix to discuss immigration enforcement, and little has changed. The number of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., and in Arizona, has decreased since that convention Continue »
It might not happen this year, or even the next, but supporters of restricting birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants are not giving up on their drive to force a reinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. Backers of the idea, which they believe will discourage illegal immigrants... Continue »
Inspired by a highly publicized Latino naturalization drive, Asian Americans are fanning out to help immigrants across California—and eventually the country—become U.S. citizens. Continue »
About two dozen white supremacists took to the streets in Claremont on Saturday to protest what they view as an unbridled flow of illegal immigration into the region, including the small college town. Their demonstration along Foothill Boulevard was interrupted by a counter-protest of more than 200 immigrant... Continue »
Immigration enforcement in the United States is plagued by unjust treatment of detainees, including inadequate access to lawyers and insufficient medical care, and by the excessive use of prison-style detention, the human rights arm of the Organization of American States said Thursday. Continue »
Ever since Arizona passed its tough immigration law penalizing undocumented workers, other states have been considering similar laws. But so far, no Arizona-type legislation has passed. Instead, one state has chosen a different approach that it hopes will become an alternative model for dealing with the illegal immigration... Continue »
Arizona legislators took a timeout from illegal immigration with the Senate easily defeating five related bills, reflecting little appetite for an issue that made the state the focus of national debate and protest last year. Continue »
If Republicans pause long enough from their previously scheduled in-fighting at this weekend's state convention, there might be time for some heavy thinking on how they can connect better with Latino voters. A new survey shows how they can. Maybe. Continue »
The U.S. government should create an interagency task force to coordinate Southwest border-security operations and resolve conflicts between agencies, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said on Thursday. Speaking at the U.S.-Mexico Congressional Border Issues Conference, Cornyn said he does not believe that the Obama administration has an adequate strategy... Continue »