Hundreds of thousands of children born to illegal immigrants every year would no longer be eligible to join the military if efforts to restrict birthright citizenship are successful. That has some immigration experts concerned that ending birthright citizenship could exacerbate chronic shortages of U.S. troops and hamper national security... Continue »
The Indigo Girls plan to join activist groups at a rally at the Georgia state Capitol to protest proposed immigration laws. The folk rock duo plans to speak and perform at the rally Thursday that is organized by a coalition of civil liberties and immigrant rights groups. Organizers... Continue »
With her two children at her side, Sandra Romero said that aggressive enforcement of immigration laws tore her family apart. Her husband immigrated alone as a young man trying to escape civil war in Guatemala, helped his parents, and built a family. Continue »
Nobody has been fired from ROC Commercial Cleaning in Oakdale -- at least not yet. Since they got word that federal immigration officials are poring over the company's employment records, some janitors have simply quit. Continue »
Hostility from a key voting demographic, weakened ties between law enforcement and communities, and boycotts that chill the local economy have all been consequences of Arizona's decision to pass the infamously stringent SB 1070 anti-immigration bill last year...Yet apparently the state of Georgia wants in on the action, with... Continue »
As it turns out, it wasn't over. Last week, America's Voice collected almost 4,800 signatures to investigate Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck's comments about shooting undocumented immigrants from helicopters. Continue »
The federal government is exploring the possibility of using a credit rating giant like Equifax to verify the identity of American workers, a move that could make it far more difficult for undocumented immigrants to get work using stolen Social Security numbers. Continue »
Rhode Island businesses would stand on the front lines of efforts to crack down on illegal immigration under a legislative proposal to require employers to check the immigration status of every job applicant. The measure is one of several proposals dealing with illegal immigration scheduled to go to... Continue »
The federal government on Monday said it will allow U.S. workers to verify their immigration status online as part of an effort to improve the accuracy of data employers use to confirm a person can legally work here. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the new feature... Continue »
The share of Hispanics living in Florida grew by almost 60 percent over the past decade as the percentage of white residents declined slightly and the proportion of blacks and Asians inched up, according to data released Thursday by the U.S. Census. Continue »