Hundreds of students gathered outside the State House in Annapolis this week to try to build support for one of the most high-profile immigration bills of the legislative session. Lawmakers on Wednesday morning are set to debate a measure that would give illegal immigrants a path to paying in-state... Continue »
It's almost time for the sixth annual Netroots Nation convention, and America's Voice is once again partnering with Democracy for America to offer scholarships for immigration bloggers like you. Continue »
The Utah Legislature passed a pair of immigration bills aimed at striking a balance between people who want to deport all illegal immigrants and those who want to integrate them into American society. Much as Arizona discovered after passing an immigration enforcement law last year, Utah's road toward... Continue »
Georgia lawmakers were just getting started last week when the House approved major legislation targeting illegal immigrants and the people who hire them. That legislation — House Bill 87 — is the longest and most comprehensive of at least nine bills now pending in the Legislature concerning illegal... Continue »
A bill restricting access to driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants and to stop identification fraud was voted down Monday in Washington's state senate. The Republican backed motion to bring a vote on the bill resulted in a defeat, dealing a major blow to proponents of the measure. Continue »
The future looks young, diverse, and tolerant in Colorado as the state Democratic Party elected Rick Palacio to be their new leader over the weekend. A strategist and former Congressional aide, Palacio is Latino, openly gay, only 36, and will represent the party's bid to court young and... Continue »
In the first move by a state to extend legal recognition to illegal immigrant laborers, the Utah Legislature has passed immigration bills that include a guest worker program that would allow unauthorized foreigners to work legally in the state. Continue »
A year ago, a revolution on immigration enforcement seemed underway, with legislators in at least 20 states vowing to follow the lead of Arizona's tough new law targeting illegal immigrants. These days, the momentum has shifted. Continue »
Michigan has become one of the latest states to debate whether to require law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of people they approach for an offense and whom they suspect may be here illegally. Continue »
Students from several Phoenix-area high schools walked out of classes late Friday morning and began a trek to the Arizona State Capitol to protest anti-immigration legislation. By 1 p.m. about 100 students had managed to make it to the Capitol mall and were protesting in small, scattered groups, some... Continue »