Might Be the Last Thanksgiving Meal on the Border for Many Landowners The following is a statement from Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication at America’s Voice in regards to CNN’s report that the Trump administration is sending “Right of Entry” letters to landowners along the border in California, New Mexico and Texas, which grant the… Continue »

English NBC (California) Asians in California don’t believe hard work and determination alone equal success By Kimmy Yam November 21, 2019 El Semanario DACA Has Functioned To Perfection On Diverse Fronts By David Torres November 20, 2019 Associated Press 1st Honduran returned to Guatemala under US asylum accord By Sonia Perez D. November 21, 2019… Continue »

“We’re about to find out.” In a poignant opinion piece for the New York Times, Linda Greenhouse lays out how in trying to dismantle DACA, the Trump administration circumvented key principles of administrative law. Greenhouse argues that, under the ordinary circumstances of adhering to said laws, the administration should have to provide a “more substantial… Continue »

Yesterday, Hamed Aleaziz of BuzzFeed reported on internal Trump administration documents underscoring the sheer cruelty and chaos inherent to the Trump administration’s plan to send asylum seekers from El Salvador and Honduras to Guatemala. The piece, “The Trump Administration Will Deport People Seeking Asylum In The US To Guatemala Without Them Seeing A Lawyer First,”… Continue »

America’s Voice ICYMI: “Can the Supreme Court Save Itself?” The Asylum Process is a ‘Shell Game’ For the Trump Administration English ABC 15 Newly Registered Voters choose “Party” over “No Preference” By Garrett Archer November 21, 2019 Rick Ungar Show Rick Ungar Full Show 11-15-19 November 15, 2019 Charolotte Observer Foundation for the Carolinas under… Continue »

In a must-read article from the Charlotte Observer, Teo Armus and Ames Alexander detail how the Foundation for the Carolinas has been making grants to hardline anti-immigrant groups such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). To date, The Foundation for the Carolinas has granted some… Continue »

Growing Pushback Against Trump’s Policies to Block Asylum The Trump administration’s asylum and border policies, including Remain in Mexico or MPP and the so-called “safe third country” agreements with El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, are cruel and chaotic.  The growing consequences of the human rights crisis Trump and Stephen Miller’s policies have sparked are on… Continue »

“A small, dedicated ideological vanguard, with the right influence and connections, can steer the direction of the country.” In a detailed article for the Atlantic, “Trump’s White-Nationalist Vanguard: The emails of a key presidential aide show an extremist ideology influencing policy in the White House,” Adam Serwer details the anti-immigrant, white nationalist rancor found within… Continue »

America’s Voice Charlotte Observer: “Foundation for the Carolinas under scrutiny over grants to anti-immigration groups” U.S. Shuts Off Asylum Protections, Resulting in Kidnappings, Chaos, Danger and Cruelty ICYMI: Adam Serwer Explains Why Stephen Miller’s Emails Matter English Sludge Major Charity Finances Anti-Immigrant Hate Group Tied to Stephen Miller By Alex Kotch November 19, 2019 The… Continue »

In recent news in Trump’s asylum crisis, Trump and his administration are prepared to sign a rule that would fast-track asylum-seekers’ deportation back to the dangerous conditions in Central America, starting with Guatemala as early as this week — a country that has not been deemed a “safe third country” because clearly it is not… Continue »