On Wednesday the state of North Carolina succumbed to the #TrumpEffect, as Governor Pat McCrory signed into law HB 318 – a harsh anti-immigrant law that promises to make the lives of immigrants even more insufferable. Today, I signed a bill to end sanctuary cities in North Carolina and... Continue »
Anthony Bourdain, chef and host of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” took a strong stand against the anti-immigrant rhetoric spewed by Donald Trump – and explained the real world impact of Trump’s mass deportation scheme. During an interview on SiriusXM’s StandUP With Pete Dominick, Anthony Bourdain highlighted that Trump’s extreme immigration... Continue »
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Lynn Tramonte: “Cada ataque a las familias inmigrantes envía un claro mensaje a los votantes latinos sobre las prioridades del Partido Republicano” Washington, DC – En el Congreso, las cortes, las campañas políticas para 2016 y en estados como Carolina del Norte, el Partido Republicano está empeñado en un... Continue »
Ahead of the third Republican debate, students, community members, and Latino leaders gathered at University of Colorado Boulder’s Farrand Field to send a clear message to the Republican party that there is no place for anti-immigrant rhetoric in Colorado. Great crowd at #COmyvote rally! “El pueblo unido jamás será... Continue »
Lynn Tramonte: “Every Attack On Immigrant Families Sends A Clear Message To Latino Voters About The Priorities Of The Republican Party” Washington, DC – In Congress, the courts, the 2016 campaign trail, and states such as North Carolina, the Republican Party is engaged in a relentless assault on immigrants. ... Continue »
At last night’s GOP Presidential Debate, Marco Rubio provided another window into his latest thinking on immigration, this time as it relates to “legal immigration.” Look, in addition to what Donald was saying is we also need to talk about the legal immigration system for permanent residents. Today, we... Continue »
NPR profiled Jannet Ramirez, one of the fasters outside of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans – and explained the reason for the fast and the implications of it. The case against Obama’s executive actions was brought by then-Attorney General, now Governor Greg Abbott from Texas.... Continue »
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Today, the Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, signed an onerous and vindictive anti-immigrant bill into law – at a public signing ceremony, no less: At a public signing ceremony, he put his name to HB318, a highly controversial bill taking aim at immigration and food assistance. The bill... Continue »