Update: Rep Salmon says border bill lacked votes. “God bless the weather” he says on leadership excuse for pulling. — Erica Werner (@ericawerner) January 27, 2015 House Republicans have pulled the controversial McCaul border bill, which was scheduled to be voted on later this week.  The GOP is citing inclement... Continue »
It looks like the promised Republican vision of “responsible governance” has a decidedly anti-immigrant bent.  In both chambers of Congress and in the early stages of the 2016 campaign, the Republican Party is adopting and embracing a restrictionist vision of immigration policy centered on maximizing deportations.  Despite widespread recognition... Continue »
Earlier this month, House Republicans made funding for the Department of Homeland Security contingent on overturning DACA and DAPA — and now they’re waiting for Senate Republicans to do the same.  More than half a million DACA-mented young people in the last two years have flourished as a result... Continue »
WASHINGTON, DC – Llámele como quiera: caos, desmadre, despelote, revolú, quilombo, follón, pero lo que está claro es que el ascenso republicano al poder no ha sido tan simple como muchos anticipaban y la guerra civil que libra ese partido por su esencia y su futuro es un espectáculo... Continue »
The Atlantic: The Zombie Immigration Fight By Molly Ball Wall Street Journal: Senator Presses Both Chambers on Immigration By Kristina Peterson and Laura Meckler Yahoo News: Jeb Bush speaks up for immigrants as Republicans flock to conservative confab in Iowa By Jon Ward Bloomberg: Rick Santorum’s Immigration History Lesson... Continue »
About a dozen potential GOP presidential candidates are gathering this weekend at Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit, where they’ll hang out with Iowa voters, potentially build a base for their 2016 run, and just maybe make some mistakes that could cost the Republican Party enough Latino votes to lose the... Continue »
In his latest article entitled, “Steve King Won’t Be GOP’s Sister Souljah”, Frank Wilkinson of Bloomberg View examines how the nativist views of Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is poisoning the GOP brand and hurting the 2016 presidential aspirants.  It’s a must-read ahead of this weekend’s Freedom Summit in Iowa... Continue »
Twelve states and a roster of police chiefs have made their support known for President Obama’s recent executive action — and joining them today are more than 30 Mayors, who are signing their own amicus brief defending Obama’s announcement. The effort was led by Mayors Bill de Blasio of New York City and... Continue »
Throughout the week Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) has been taking to the Senate floor to describe the transformative impact the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is having on people’s lives.  While more than 600,000 young people have applied for the program since 2012 and are now studying, working and... Continue »
The Hill: The battle for Iowa begins By Cameron Joseph Des Moines Register (Op-Ed-Iowa): Steve King is making the Iowa caucuses irrelevant By Matt Hildreth Fusion: Immigration activists will challenge GOP presidential hopefuls in Iowa By Jordan Fabian NBC News: Immigration Activists Take On Steve King Over Iowa Conservative... Continue »