Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), the House Majority Whip, has been in trouble in recent weeks over news that he once gave a speech to a white supremacist group.  The GOP is already heading toward major demographic trouble in 2016 and beyond, and moreover they can’t seem to stop doing... Continue »
WASHINGTON (AP) — El senador Marco Rubio afirma que puede ganar las próximas elecciones presidenciales. El republicano por Florida resta importancia a preocupaciones de que sus probabilidades son amenazadas por su potencial rival y mentor político, el ex gobernador Jeb Bush. Continue »
The Hill: Republicans weigh options on immigration By Mike Lillis Politico: House GOP plots immigration strategy By Seung Min Kim The Hill: DHS chief calls for budget certainty after French attack By Ben Kamisar CNN: Paris attack quickly becomes Washington funding fight By Eric Bradner Reuters: Republicans target security... Continue »
Los indocumentados que sean hallados culpables de fomentar la inmigración ilegal a Estados Unidos no serán elegibles para pedir el freno de sus deportaciones bajo el amparo de la acción ejecutiva, advierte el gobierno federal en una campaña lanzada en México y Centroamérica. Continue »
“Tan pronto arranque 2015, la gran interrogante es quién dominará el discurso y las acciones republicanas en inmigración, tanto en el Congreso como fuera de él”, declaró Maribel Hastings, asesora ejecutiva de America’s Voice. “¿Será el ala ultraconservadora y antiinmigrante del Tea Party, como lo ha hecho hasta ahora? Continue »
In Washington, DC, the hot topic on immigration involves the newly sworn-in Republican Congress and whether they will really continue to alienate Latino voters by pushing for more ways to kill executive action. But in California, it’s a completely different story, as tens and thousands of immigrants have begun... Continue »
Next Week GOP Moves to Do Away With Fixes to Our Broken Immigration System  That didn’t take long.  With all the happy talk inside the beltway regarding bipartisan legislative progress, one of the top priorities of the Republican leadership is to take action on legislation that would maximize deportations... Continue »
In case it isn’t crystal clear to Republicans that they have a demographic problem, and that their years-long alienation of Latino and minority voters will come back to haunt them, the Center for American Progress has released this study on the GOP’s significant obstacles in 2016. The number of minority... Continue »
The Hill: Obama presses Mexico to help stop illegal immigration By Justin Sink New York Times: Mexico’s Leader, Peña Nieto, Praises Obama on Immigration By Michael Shear and Randal Archibold Washington Post (The Fix): The GOP’s major 2016 problem — in 3 maps By Aaron Blake MSNBC: Can the... Continue »
The 2016 primaries are still over a year away, but you wouldn’t know it by the list of right-wing candidates flocking to Iowa this month for Steve King’s so-called “Freedom Summit.” Iowans have the coveted role of casting the first votes toward selecting each major party’s presidential nominee, which earns... Continue »