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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, January 7, 2015

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The Hill: Obama presses Mexico to help stop illegal immigration
By Justin Sink

New York Times: Mexico’s Leader, Peña Nieto, Praises Obama on Immigration
By Michael Shear and Randal Archibold

Washington Post (The Fix): The GOP’s major 2016 problem — in 3 maps
By Aaron Blake

MSNBC: Can the 2015 Senate contain its 2016 ambitions?
By Kasie Hunt

New York Times: Jeb Bush’s Mission Statement, in Translation
By Michael Barbaro

AP: Rubio understands Americans’ frustration with immigrants
By Philip Elliott and Michael J. Mishak

National Journal: Marco Rubio’s Book Has a New Immigration Plan, But He Won’t Apologize for His Old One
By Tim Alberta

Politico: Marco Rubio tries to thread immigration needle
By James Hohmann

Politico: House bill would undo President Obama’s immigration moves
By Seung Min Kim

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Judge sets Jan. 15 hearing in states’ lawsuit over immigration plan
By Jeremy Redmon

Time: 10 Members of Congress to Watch in 2015
By Alex Rogers

Vox: New evidence that the legal immigration system discriminates against Latin Americans
By Dara Lind

Denver Post (Colorado): Ken Buck and Cory Gardner join Congress in new roles
By Mark Matthews

Washington Post (Wonk Blog): More immigrants could mean slightly lower wages in blue-collar jobs
By Max Ehrenfreund

Bloomberg (Editorial): Bill Clinton’s Lesson for the New Congress

Washington Post (Right Turn Blog): Orrin Hatch: Put a conservative immigration bill on the agenda
By Rachel Rubin

Bloomberg (Opinion): Five Reasons Scalise’s Race Apology Won’t Be the Last
By Francis Wilkinson