This week, both Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) are warning President Obama not to take executive action on immigration reform — lest it ruin the chances for immigration reform next year. What chances?  Commentators have been noting that there’s little likelihood immigration reform will pass until at least 2017... Continue »
In Iowa, Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) and State Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) squared off in their first debate for a key Senate seat yesterday, with Braley calling Ernst out for Congressional Republicans’ refusal to pass an immigration reform bill in the House. Ernst’s response?  “I don’t support amnesty,” she said according to... Continue »
Es una irresponsabilidad decirle a nuestra gente que la frustración que sentimos debe conducir a la apatía y a la disminución de la participación política en lugar de hacer un llamado para que todos los latinos salgamos a votar y así incrementar nuestro poder político. Continue »
Midland Reporter-Telegram (Texas – Editorial): Our view: The party that can win the Hispanic vote ultimately will win Texas Wall Street Journal: Hispanic Groups to Democrats: Don’t Blame Us if You Lose NBC News: Groups Register Fewer Latinos than Hoped; Optimistic About Turnout Washington Times: Paul Ryan: Post-election Obama action on immigration would ‘poison... Continue »
Can you imagine being torn from your home and family after just trying to pay a traffic ticket? It’ll happen to Marinela if we don’t step in to help. She was just trying to do the right thing by paying her fee, but instead she was arrested and detained by immigration... Continue »
Para responder a las críticas al presidente Barack Obama por retrasar las acciones ejecutivas migratorias, su asesor, Dan Pfeiffer, dijo en un evento que hay dos tipos de críticos: los “apasionados”, entendiblemente frustrados y cuya paciencia será compensada por el alcance del eventual anuncio; y quienes critican el proceso... Continue »
Comunidades y familias de inmigrantes en todo el país han estado esperando durante meses para ver reformas a nivel federal pero durante meses han sido desairadas por inacción y promesas rotas. Nosotros en Nueva York creemos que hay una opción más inmediata que puede traer alivio a estas familias:... Continue »
An important editorial at the Washington Post highlights the steps that the Border Patrol is slowly taking to reform its operations, which have come under scrutiny for use of excessive force.  This is important, and necessary, considering that Border Patrol has made headlines for shooting at kids who throw rocks and stepping... Continue »
TPM; The Method to Steve King’s Madness Washington Post: Border Patrol May Be More Accountable With New Hopes of Reform USA Today: Military program will benefit few of the undocumented International Business Times: US Military Program To Allow Some Young Undocumented Immigrants To Serve MSNBC: Leading Arizona activist on immigration reform’s biggest... Continue »