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What if this happened to you?

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Can you imagine being torn from your home and family after just trying to pay a traffic ticket?
It’ll happen to Marinela if we don’t step in to help. She was just trying to do the right thing by paying her fee, but instead she was arrested and detained by immigration officials. Now ICE wants to deport her at the end of the month!
Marinela shouldn’t be a priority for deportation. She has three U.S. citizen children, has lived in Ohio for over ten years, and doesn’t even have a criminal record. She’s exactly the kind of immigrant we should be welcoming with open arms, not expelling!
Marinela would qualify for the deportation relief President Obama is now delaying because of political games. If Marinela is deported, she’ll be forced to uproot her children from their own country! Her entire family is hanging in the balance.
Please join us in demanding that the immigration official overseeing Marinela’s case stop her deportation. Her family deserves to stay here!