A New York Times reporter and staff photographer — Damien Cave and Todd Heisler — are traveling up Interstate 35 from Texas to Minnesota, and writing about how the middle of America is being changed by immigration.  Read their latest chronicle here, about how immigrants are helping Moore, Oklahoma rebuild... Continue »
Immigration reform advocates are taking over 28 key Republican House district offices today, to highlight the one-year anniversary of House Republicans giving Steve King a vote to deport DREAMers — while taking no action on immigration reform.  Online, the physical takeovers are being echoed by online ads with five different local newspapers,... Continue »
Watch out, Steve King.  Another anti-immigrant hardliner in Iowa is rising, and adopting anti-immigrant positions King would be proud to call his own. Think Progress today covers a recent interview between Mickelson in the Morning, a local conservative radio program, and Brad Zaun, a current state senator running for... Continue »
MSNBC: Cantor trumpets his anti-immigration role By Steve Benen New York Daily News (New York): Majority of Latino voters believe it’s ‘very or extremely important’ for Congress to pass immigration reform: poll By Erica Pearson Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada): Republicans could face backlash on immigration inaction, survey says By... Continue »
Cross-posted from Center for American Progress with Latino Decisions: With the window for immigration reform legislation in the House of Representatives rapidly closing, Latino Decision’s new polling of Latino voters conducted for the Center for American Progress Action Fund finds unequivocally that this community wants reform to happen before the... Continue »
La Casa Blanca puso un freno temporal al plan del secretario de Defensa Chuck Hagel de permitir que los Dreamers ingresen a un exclusivo programa militar reservado para inmigrantes legales, lo que este lunes suscitó más reacciones de rechazo de grupos pro-inmigrantes. Continue »
Check out a compilation of the anti-immigrant mailers that Eric Cantor has been sending out in advance of his June 10 primary, courtesy of Politico: Anti-Immigrant Mailings Eric Cantor “Eric Cantor is stopping the Obama-Reid plan” … “Eric Cantor is the No. 1 guy standing between the American people and... Continue »
El aumento en la cantidad de niños que cruzan solos la frontera desde México es un “asunto humanitario urgente”, dijo el presidente Barack Obama, en momentos que la Casa Blanca solicita $1,400 millones adicionales al Congreso para hacer frente a la situación. Obama dijo que los menores serán alojados... Continue »
Associated Press: White House Wants Delay in DOD Immigration Plan By Jim Kuhnhenn Politico: White House seeks Pentagon delay on immigration By Seung Min Kim The Hill: White House seeks delay of DOD immigration rule By Justin Sink Politico: Eric Cantor unleashes red meat mailings By Jake Sherman Huffington... Continue »