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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, June 4, 2014

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MSNBC: Cantor trumpets his anti-immigration role
By Steve Benen

New York Daily News (New York): Majority of Latino voters believe it’s ‘very or extremely important’ for Congress to pass immigration reform: poll
By Erica Pearson

Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada): Republicans could face backlash on immigration inaction, survey says
By Laura Myers

Huffington Post: Latino Voters Will Blame Republicans If Immigration Reform Fails, Poll Says
By Roque Planas

Politico: Dick Durbin: DOD policy change ‘inadequate’
By Seung Min Kim and Jeremy Herb

The Hill: Durbin backs delay to DOD immigration rule
By Martin Matishak

New York Times: As Obama Acts on Pollution and Bergdahl, G.O.P. Talks of an Erosion of Trust
By Carl Hulse

Huffington Post: Here’s An Immigrant Imprisonment Program That Obama Could Stop Without Congress
By Roque Planas

Associated Press: Child migrants driven to US by violence, poverty

Politico: GOP relieved as Tim Donnelly concedes in California
By Elizabeth Titus

BuzzFeed: A GOP Candidate Changed His Name To Cesar Chavez And Became A Democrat To Appeal To Latino Voters
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Huffington Post: Church Takes On US Government By Offering Sanctuary To Immigrant And Family
By Yasmine Hafiz

Denver Post (Colorado): Colorado’s African immigrants step up politically on Neguse candidacy
By Joey Bunch

Seattle Times (Washington): Family stays intact, but immigration system still broken
By Danny Westneat

Star-Telegram (Texas): Immigration: Texas Republicans’ biggest fight?
By Anna M. Tinsley

Washington Post (Right Turn): GOP’s immigration reform fantasy
By Jennifer Rubin

Bloomberg View (Opinion): What Does ‘Immigration Reform’ Mean to Republicans?
By Francis Wilkinson

The Hill (Opinion): GOP should enforce its own party platform on immigration
By Alex Nowrasteh

TIME (Opinion): Boehner’s Got a Catholic Problem on Immigration Reform
By Christopher J. Hale

CNN (Opinion): Does GOP need another Contract With America?
By Julian Zelizer

Huffington Post (Blog): Unveiling the Hypocrisy in Latest Coffman Attack Ad
By Jason Salzman

National Journal: Mad at Obama? Blame Republicans
By James Oliphant

New York Daily News (New York – Opinion): Our immigration law insanity
By Robert M. Morganthau

Chicago Tribune (Illinois – Opinion): Why we support immigration reform
By Seth M. Limmer, Shoshanah Conover and Samuel Gordon

Modesto Bee (California – Opinion): Josh Whitfield: Our enemies don’t check immigration status
By Josh Whitfield

Tennessean (Tennessee – Opinion): Immigration law needs major updates
By Ralph Schulz

Billings Gazette (Montana – Opinion): Saving the GOP from oblivion
By Drew Turiano

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin – Opinion): Forging a conservative immigration plank
By Van A. Mobley