A consensus has emerged on immigration reform prospects in this Congress: there is a very narrow and rapidly closing window for legislative action in the House of Representatives.  What this means is that June is the make-or-break month for immigration reform – and for the Republican Party’s future. As... Continue »
Washington Post (Plum Line): Obama to GOP: On immigration, you have three months By Greg Sargent Associated Press: Obama: A 3-Month Window to Pass Immigration in 2014 Reuters: Politics won’t drive U.S. deportation review, security chief says By Julia Edwards and Jeff Mason CNN: Obama to make new pitch... Continue »
“Jeb Bush es mi amigo. Pienso que sería un gran presidente. Yo lo he estado empujando en esa dirección por un buen tiempo”, dijo Boehner en la Cámara Hispana de Comercio de San Antonio. Continue »
“Pareciera que para los conservadores dos millones (de deportados) no son suficientes y cualquier intento de reformar las leyes migratorias será tachado de amnistía”, dijo en entrevista Hastings, convencida de que la retórica seguirá igual entre el ala anti-inmigrante del Partido Republicano. Continue »
In updated guidelines released last week, the Justice and Education Departments reminded states that they are obligated by law to enroll students in their districts regardless of legal status.  In a letter to schools, Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder said that they had “become aware of student enrollment practices... Continue »
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At Reuters today is a piece about Marco Rubio’s desperate attempt to rehabilitate himself with conservative Republicans, after losing some of their love by joining the Senate Gang of 8 on immigration reform. As Reuters notes: A year after falling out of favor with fellow conservatives over his push to reform... Continue »