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U.S. Rep. Adam Smith Introduces Legislation to Improve Conditions at Immigrant Detention Centers

Two months after immigrants launched a hunger strike at the privately run, for-profit Tacoma Detention Center, Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) has introduced the Accountability in Immigration Detention Act. According to Maru Mora Villalpando of the #Not1More deportation campaign, the Tacoma hunger strikers are directly responsible for making this legislation happen.  As she siad: This is the first time I’ve read … Continue reading »

Obama Administration May Consider Bond Hearings, Other Deportation Policy Changes

President Obama has been under heavy pressure from immigration reform advocates to address his record rate of deportations — and according to the Los Angeles Times, he may be considering key changes to detention and deportation policy. According to the Times, Obama may be considering bond hearings for detained immigrants, and changes to deportation policies … Continue reading »

HuffPo: This Photo Captures The Painful Reality Of Detaining People Whose Crime Was Looking For A Better Life

Earlier this week, we wrote about an act of civil disobedience in Gadsden, Alabama, where advocates chained themselves to the front doors of the Etowah County Detention Center.  About 100 demonstrators carried banners and chanted slogans, and seven were arrested. But as the Huffington Post lifts up today, the most powerful image came from inside … Continue reading »

1200 Detainees Launch Hunger Strike in Tacoma, Washington

In Tacoma, Washington, hundreds of detainees are in the fourth day of an ongoing hunger strike to protest President Obama’s record deportations. Advocates say that 1,200 detainees are participating in the hunger strike, which would be nearly the entire population of the Northwest Detention Center (1,300).  The hunger strike will continue for at least five … Continue reading »

Obama's 2015 Budget Proposal Would Slash Detention Bed Mandate 10%

The Obama budget proposal is out, and it would like to reduce the detention bed mandate by about 10%. DHS is currently required to fill 34,000 immigrant detention center beds every day, regardless of what current immigration levels are or what detained immigrants have done (or not done) to get there.  Members of Congress have repeatedly … Continue reading »

Reps. Foster, Deutch Urging OMB to Remove Immigrant Detention Bed Quota from 2015 Budget

Toward the end of last year, we wrote about the outrage that is the immigrant detention bed quota/mandate, an inhumane and nonsensical practice that requires ICE to detain at least 34,000 people every day in detention facilities regardless of what they might have done (or not done) to get there or what the current state of … Continue reading »

Fusion: ICE Admits to Detaining Pregnant Women

A new story by Cristina Costantini at Fusion provides the latest illustration of the gap that exists between policy and practice in the world of immigration enforcement.  ICE isn’t supposed to be detaining pregnant immigrant women, who might require care that ICE isn’t capable of providing and who can be monitored via other methods.  As Costantini … Continue reading »

Goodlatte's "SAFE to Harass" Act Doubles Down on Enforcement and Cost to Taxpayers

We know that House Republicans are in denial about the human cost of immigration enforcement and massive deportations. That’s why they’d rather kick immigrant families out of their offices than face up to the true consequences of enforcement-only policies. This week, two new developments make it clear that the denial runs deep: Congress isn’t even … Continue reading »

Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY), Defender of Detention Bed Mandate, One of Top Recipients of Corrections Corp

It’s an little-known issue that is slowly getting a lot of attention in the immigration reform world, making headlines for how nonsensical and inefficient it is—and how many Republican Congressmen are continuing to defend it. It’s the detention bed mandate, which we wrote about last month and which has also been covered recently by Bloomberg … Continue reading »

Deutch, Foster Lead Effort to End Hugely Expensive, Inhumane 34,000-Immigrant Detention Quota

Imagine if a law enforcement agency insisted on incarcerating a certain number of prisoners, every day, every year, regardless of how many of those prisoners actually needed to be there; what the actual crime rate was; and whether there was another, cheaper way to keep track of them. That’s the state of the US immigration … Continue reading »