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DACA and Dreamers

Southwest Ranches, FL – This week, Florida State Representative Evan Jenne joined Florida immigrant youth to discuss how the repeal of DACA will affect immigrant youth and their families and to commit to pushing policies locally and nationally to protect the 800,000 Dreamers from deportation.  Florida State Representative Evan Jenne said: I was already an ardent supporter of … Continue reading »

The so-called March 5th “deadline” is not; it’s an excuse for inaction Yesterday, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) told NBC News, “I am not planning on going home from Washington for any holiday until we take care of the DACA and Dreamer issue. We have made our promise to do that.” Senator Durbin is right. Congress must act now, … Continue reading »

DACA polling

El Paso, TX – Texas State Rep. Lina Ortega of El Paso joined immigrant youth from the El Paso area to discuss the urgent need for Congress to pass a clean Dream Act now that President Trump has ended the successful DACA program, one that benefits more than 124,000 young immigrants in Texas. During the dinner, Rep. Ortega spoke … Continue reading »

tps for haitians, salvadorans, hondurans

11/6 Decision Deadline for 59,550 Hondurans & Nicaraguans: 19 Days 11/23 Decision Deadline for 50,000 Haitians: 36 Days 1/8 Decision Deadline for 195,000 Salvadorans:82 Days Mortgages TPS Recipients Would Have to Walk Away From: 60,000 Immediate Layoffs of TPS Recipients: 250,000 Employer Costs of Mass Layoffs: $1 Billion Cost of Mass Deportation to Taxpayers: $3 Billion The fast approaching deadlines for … Continue reading »

ICE Director Homan spoke at a hearing today.

As Administration Continues to Push False Public Safety Narrative, Arrests of Non-Criminals Skyrocket; DOJ Erodes Immigration Judges’ Independence; and DHS Threatens to Expand Immigration Jails and Workplace Raids – Showing Complete Politicization of Federal Immigration Policy The Trump Administration’s mass deportation policy has been on display over the past nine months, with cruel and un-American consequences. In … Continue reading »

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