As Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s dangerous dehumanization of migrants hits dangerous new lows, CNN reports that “some members belonging to a group known for using demonizing rhetoric and intersecting with extremists” have been discussing gathering in the region. “Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber is monitoring the potential arrival this... Continue »
Washington, DC —The three leading Republican presidential contenders are openly calling for the mass- purge of all undocumented immigrants from the country – including the population of long-settled immigrants who are living, contributing and raising families in the U.S.. While we have documented the Republican Party’s ongoing descent into... Continue »
During an appearance on Meet The Press this past weekend, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) shockingly refused to commit to certifying the results of the 2024 presidential election. The third-ranking House Republican deflected when host Kristen Welker asked if she would certify the 2024 results regardless of winner, instead resurrecting... Continue »
UPDATE: Since publication from November 13th, 2023, at least 33 Republican members of Congress from the 118th used language associated with the great replacement theory to justify Mayorkas’ impeachment at least 60 times on public platforms. On November 9, 2023, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) filed a privileged resolution... Continue »
On Monday, the National Republican Coordinating Committee (NRCC) publicized its latest digital ad that employed the same core strategic racist message – that non-white immigrants are a direct threat to the nation, and opposition to them should be a top concern for working families, which America’s Voice has tracked for... Continue »
Rep. Mike Johnson’s fellow Members of Congress will take a vote today to elect him Speaker of the House and in line for the succession of the Oval Office. They do so after Johnson from Louisiana’s 4th District has spent the last two years promoting white nationalist conspiracy theories... Continue »
The extremists in the House GOP who want to shut down the government over immigration are not concerned with America’s security rather their fight over America’s purity. That’s right: GOP extremists are battling over who can be the most anti-immigrant and the most aligned with white nationalist conspiracy theories... Continue »
American communities are mourning following a racist massacre that took the lives of three Black Americans at a store in Florida this past weekend. The three victims – identified as 52-year-old Angela Michelle Carr, 29-year-old Anolt Joseph Laguerre Jr., and 19-year-old Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion – were gunned down by... Continue »
White supremacist conspiracy theories about non-white migrants replacing white people and precipitating the downfall of the nation have percolated for over a century. Its modern incarnation, the “great replacement theory,” had previously been confined to the dark corners of American politics, but in the last few years, politicians and... Continue »
Elected officials and advocates remembered victims of the mass shooting that took the lives of 23 people and injured 22 others at an El Paso Walmart four years ago this week. The attack was inspired by white nationalist rhetoric, which anti-immigrant lawmakers and campaigns continue to espouse in the... Continue »