At 11 AM Eastern today, unlawfully appointed Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf will deliver the 2020 “State of the Homeland Address” (watch the livestream here).  Will he admit what DHS’s apolitical experts have recently assessed, that white supremacist-linked domestic terrorism is the biggest security threat facing America? Or, as... Continue »
Congress needs to investigate why taxpayers paid for what amounts to a campaign ad for Donald Trump   A lurid, inaccurate and racist propaganda video produced and disseminated by the U.S. Border Patrol epitomizes the fact that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has become an arm of the... Continue »
Tired of his divisiveness, Americans want to come together to solve big challenges  In the face of Trump’s focus on urban unrest in hopes of deflecting from his epic failures on the pandemic, the economy and racial injustice, new polls show that the lead Biden and Democrats have built... Continue »
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Americans Yearn for Unity and a New Direction; Trump Sticks with Ugliness & Division   Today, one year after the El Paso Massacre that tragically killed 23 people and left another 23 wounded, America’s Voice reflects on the state of a city and a country battered by hatred, division... Continue »