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Sophie Cruz Makes Her Tribeca Film Festival Debut In “Free Like The Birds”

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Last year she hugged the Pope. Earlier this week she spoke in front of hundreds at the United States Supreme Court. And now she’s made her Tribeca Film Festival debut.

“Free Like The Birds,” a new short film from director Paola Mendoza in collaboration with FWD.us and We are mitú, introduces us to six-year-old Sophie Cruz, her little sister, and her parents, both of whom would be eligible for DAPA.

We’ve all come to know Sophie as a fierce activist, but this must-see short film delves into the story of why Sophie started fighting in the first place — fear of being separated from her parents because of deportation.

“DAPA would be a relief for us,” Sophie’s mom says. “It would lift a burden. It would protect our children.”

As the justices of the Supreme Court conference today to make their decision on United States vs. Texas — a decision is expected some time in late June — Sophie’s story is an important reminder of the human lives at stake.

Click below to watch the new short film starring Sophie Cruz and her family, “Free Like The Birds.”