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National Emergency

PHOTOS: 277 Events Nationwide Protest #FakeTrumpEmergency

Donald Trump declared a national emergency in his attempt to get a border wall last Friday, and since then advocates and organizations have been mobilizing to make it clear that this is an egregious abuse of power which will not go unanswered. Protesters have signed tens of thousands of petitions, made calls to Congress, and … Continue reading »

“The emergency declaration is a powerful symbol of President Trump’s incredible weakness.” – Frank Sharry

As President Trump signed his declaration of a national emergency, before leaving Washington for a weekend of golf, he took unprecedented action to circumvent the will of Congress in order to make a point to his base that he is doing everything he can to build the wall his presidency is fixated on. The following … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “Es un ataque contra nuestra democracia por parte de un autócrata”

Dios nos libre de tener una verdadera emergencia nacional Enlace: Washington, DC –  A continuación compartimos un comunicado de Frank Sharry, Director Ejecutivo de America’s Voice, en relación con informes de que el presidente Trump tiene la intención de declarar una emergencia nacional, con el fin de lograr fondos para su muro fronterizo: Solo porque el … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “It’s an Attack on our Democracy by an Autocrat”

Heaven Forbid If We Have a Real National Emergency The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding reports that President Trump intends to declare a national emergency to seek funds for his border wall: Just because the the President didn’t get what he wanted — a stupid wall to … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry on DHS Funding Bill: “We can and must do more to ensure that the days of giving ICE blank checks comes to an end, and to reverse the runaway train of unaccountable detention funding.”

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice reacting to the proposed DHS funding deal and implications: Democrats must do more to rein in the runaway train of DHS funding and the rogue behavior of ICE and CBP.  For too long, ICE and the Border Patrol have operated with impunity … Continue reading »

What is a National Emergency? And Why Trump’s Threat to Declare One is a Racist Political Stunt

Originally published January 8, 2019 According to reports, Donald Trump may soon use the power of the White House to launch a racist political stunt dressed up as a national emergency. As the government shutdown grinds on, advocates fear that Trump will announce a national emergency and plans to appropriate Department of Defense funds to … Continue reading »

Trump’s Manufactured “National Emergency”

Another Attempt to Usurp the Power of Congress The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines an emergency as, “an unforeseen combination of circumstances…that calls for immediate action.”  Yes, there are issues at the border that require attention.  But they are not new. They are not unforeseen. And they certainly do not require the immediate and extraordinary action — … Continue reading »

“There is a national emergency and it is called the presidency of Donald Trump”

It seems increasingly likely that President Trump will declare “a national emergency” as a pretext to seize military funding for his border wall. The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice in response. There is a national emergency and it is called the presidency of Donald Trump. An unpopular President … Continue reading »