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Local Voices Call on GOP Senators to Stand with Constitution and American People Against Trump’s Border Wall Power Grab

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Trump’s national emergency declaration to build his border wall is facing stiff headwinds around the country. Public opinion is running strongly against the President putting GOP Senators in a bind: stand with voters or stand with the President, whose Twitter finger they fear.  America’s Voice just launched digital ads to target specific Senators ahead of Thursday’s vote.  Meanwhile, Americans across the country are taking notice, and speaking up.

Here is a sampling of Letters to the Editor we have seen:

Diana Cowans from Bradenton, Florida wrote in a Letter to the Editor of the Bradenton Herald:

Sen. Marco Rubio has stated that Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration may violate the Constitution.

But words are easy. We need Sen. Rubio to demonstrate his concern by voting against the declaration.

Trump is willing to take money from existing projects to fund the unnecessary border wall, which is just a monument to his ego.

The dangerous precedent cannot be allowed to succeed. We rely on our congressional representatives to act on behalf of America and the Constitution and our democracy.

Alonso Reyna Rivarola of Taylorsville, Utah wrote to urge Senators Romney and Lee to vote against the emergency declaration:

Sens. Romney and Lee have expressed serious concerns about Trump’s declaration of a fake national emergency in order to build his wall, but this matter is so serious it requires action — a vote — not just words.

… We must reflect and remember that Utah was settled by immigrants in 1847 before forming part of the union. Today, we celebrate the contributions of immigrants — former and new — and supporting the border wall is the most anti-Utah action we could get behind.

Vote to stop this power grab.

Robert Hall from Ethete, Wyoming wrote to urge Senator John Barrasso to vote against the declaration:

… The president cannot just take money unilaterally away from existing projects in order to fund his border wall. It sets a dangerous precedent for future presidents, and erases the check on unlimited power our Congress should have on the executive branch.

It sets a dangerous precedent for future presidents and erases the check on unlimited power our Congress should have on the executive branch. Please put actions behind words and vote to stop this power grab.