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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 22, 2013

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The Atlantic: What Happened to Immigration Reform?
By Molly Ball

Newsweek: Boehner: Torn Between the Tea Party and Electoral Success
By Pema Levy

Washington Post: Boehner says immigration not dead issue but offers no timetable for vote on legislation
By David Nakamura

ABC News: Boehner Says Prospects for Immigration Reform ‘Absolutely Not’ Dead
By John Parkinson

Politico: John Boehner: Immigration work not dead
By Seung Min Kim

MSNBC: Why is Boehner praising Obama on immigration?
By Benjy Sarlin

Sacramento Bee: Obama to push for immigration changes in San Francisco speech

Fox News Latino: ‘Dreamers’ Pushing Immigration Reform Stalk Speaker Boehner, Target Him At Home

New York Times: Young Immigrants Write Software to Highlight Lack of Legal Status
By Vindu Goel

The Hill: Zuckerberg: Immigration ‘one of biggest civil rights’ issues of our time
By Jennifer Martinez

The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio): Catholics in central Ohio push pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
By JoAnne Viviano

Aspen Daily News (Colorado): Local leaders renew calls for reforms to immigration
By Cyrtis Wackerle

Phoenix Business Journal (Arizona): Immigration reform backers rally as time runs low
By Mike Sunnucks

Lincoln Journal-Star (Nebraska): Groups rally in Lincoln, urge immigration reform
By Kevin O’Hanlon

Time: A Feminist Call For Immigration Reform, As Momentum Stalls in Congress
By Maya Rhodan

Huffington Post: Rick Perry Predicts End Of Illegal Immigration, Calls For Border Security Anyway

Daily Beast: How a Game of Tag Turned a Texas Campus Into Immigration’s Ground Zero
By Kelsey McKinney

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia): Methodist clergy push for immigration overhaul
By Jeremy Redmon

Lincoln Journal-Star (Nebraska): Groups rally in Lincoln, urge immigration reform
By Kevin O’Hanlon

Washington Post (Right Turn): Citizenship conudrum
By Jennifer Rubin

Huffington Post (Blog): On Immigration Reform: ‘Don’t Waste Any Time in Mourning. Organize.’
By Elianne Ramos