As we’ve reported, while Mitt Romney was campaigning in Iowa last week, he sidled up to one of the most egregiously anti-immigrant members of Congress, Steve King. In fact, Romney offered a full endorsement of King’s reelection to Congress stating that ” I want him as my partner in Washington.”... Continue »
Today, America’s Voice is releasing the fourth installment of our “State Spotlight: Immigration, Latino Voters, and the 2012 Elections” series with an analysis of Latino electoral politics in Colorado.  Today’s fact sheet follow earlier installments about Nevada, Florida, and Arizona; in the coming weeks America’s Voice will release additional fact sheets... Continue »
Writing at The Hill’s Congress Blog, Caesar Vargas — a DREAMer and activist who was in Tampa and Charlotte —  has a post-convention analysis on the politics of immigration. During the Democratic National Convention, Benita Veliz made history during her prime time appearance by being the first undocumented immigrant,... Continue »
While we don’t always agree with Ruben Navarrette’s writing, we usually think he makes provocative points in a way that calls out both parties fairly.  However, there are a few claims in his most recent column that are so wildly out of context (and so egregiously misrepresent history) that we... Continue »
On August 15, DREAMers around the country began filing applications with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to request temporary relief from deportation. The deferred action process, as it is known, would also give DREAMers the ability to work and (in some cases) drive for at least two years.... Continue »
We wrote about the Republican National Convention last week and how the GOP predictably failed to say anything substantial on immigration policy.  As Univision’s Jordan Fabian reported: no speaker took the opportunity to address the topic, and that gaping absence stood out like a sore thumb. (emphasis in original) Luckily,... Continue »
While Benita was making her historic speech at the Democratic National Convention last night, we were watching Twitter blow up talking about her.  Here’s a compilation of some of those tweets, many notably talking about how Benita was received last night compared to how she would be received at, say,... Continue »
Yesterday featured some stark reminders of why politics and elections matter. On stage at last night’s Democratic National Convention, DREAM Act advocate Benita Veliz spoke to the assembled delegates and television audience and shared her compelling personal story: “I graduated as a valedictorian of my high school class at... Continue »
As Republican-Drafted SB 1070 Provision Goes Forward,  Democrats Feature Undocumented Leader at Convention Frank Sharry: “The Contrast Could Not Be Clearer, The Stakes Could Not be Higher” Yesterday featured some stark reminders of why politics and elections matter. On stage at last night’s Democratic National Convention, DREAM Act advocate... Continue »
Maribel Hastings is a Senior Advisor at America’s Voice: CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—In close elections like this one, the Latino vote can be decisive not just in traditionally Hispanic-heavy states, but in other states where a few thousand votes can tip the balance and determine whether there’s a change of... Continue »