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Poll Roundup: Americans Support Full Citizenship For Undocumented Immigrants

In poll after poll, Americans consistently demonstrate they believe allowing the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States to pursue citizenship is a sensible position.  When given a choice, they choose full citizenship for the undocumented over second-class status.  Here are the most recent polls. QUINNIPIAC (February 2013) 56% OF AMERICANS SUPPORT PATH TO … Continue reading »

POLL: January 2013–Fox News

On January 17-18, 2013, Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research conducted a poll of 1,008 registered voters for Fox News. The margin of error for the poll is +/-3%. Two-thirds of voters support a path to citizenship. When asked “what government policy should be toward illegal immigrants currently in the United States,” 66% of … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez Finds Obama's DREAM Relief Right and Legal; Lamar Smith Misleads From the Start

US News and World Report offers two members of Congress with opposing views on President Obama’s bold move to provide relief to DREAMers. On one side is Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who supports the President’s action: If anyone still had any doubts about the legal ground on which the president stands with his recent announcement, he … Continue reading »

POLL: August 2010–Fox News

On August 10-11, 2010, Fox News conducted a telephone poll of 900 registered voters. The margin of error was +/-3%. A majority of voters want the government to secure the borders and reform immigration laws at the same time.When Fox News asked whether the government should first secure the border, pass new immigration laws, or do … Continue reading »