Ohio Husband of U.S. Citizen and Caretaker of Son with Cerebral Palsy Remains in Limbo as Family Waits for Executive Action As the President prepares to take executive action on immigration in coming weeks, one Ohio family is hoping for news from the White House.  And soon. After being granted a stay one year ago,… Continue »

No, Because Passing Reform in 2015 is a Pipedream Many agree with our assessment that President Obama should use his existing legal authority to act on immigration, knowing that it’s good policy and the right thing to do.  But Republicans have abdicated any sense of governing responsibly on immigration and ceded control to the anti-immigrant… Continue »

New Orlando Sentinel Op-Ed from Frank Sharry Makes Case for Big Executive Action Today, in the Orlando Sentinel’s “The Front Burner,” America’s Voice’s Executive Director, Frank Sharry, makes the case for why big executive action from the President that protects millions is good policy, sound legally and highly important for the future of this country.… Continue »

Also view our blog content on executive action here. As we await an immigration announcement from the Obama Administration, we’ve compiled a list of the top legal, political, and policy arguments for President Obama using his executive authority to protect immigrants who would qualify for the Senate immigration bill from deportation. EDITORIALS AND OPINIONS ABOUT… Continue »

Immigrant youth and families push President Obama to “Let their People Go,” as he prepares for historic announcement on immigration Today, seven brave Dreamers and allies are risking arrest by obstructing the entrance to the Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach, FL. The decision to risk arrest happened after more than 100 Dreamers and their families came together… Continue »

In an unprecedented move today, eleven undocumented immigrants — including Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas — will submit applications for deferred action while putting a spotlight on the complexities of immigration in America.  These eleven individuals represent the stories of the 11.5 million undocumented Americans that reside in the United States. President Obama is expected to… Continue »

It’s sounding more and more like President Obama will announce a plan to protect millions of immigrant families across the country within the next couple of weeks. Convincing the President that he must act in the face of Congress’ inaction is a fight we’ve been able to win. Now we need to tell him him… Continue »

The two-year anniversary of DACA/deferred action was last Friday, providing a reminder of just how important DACA has been to more than half a million DREAMers and why it’s so important that such relief be extended to other immigrants who qualify for the Senate immigration bill. At La Opinión today is an editorial calling on President to take action —… Continue »

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program celebrated its two-year anniversary last Friday.  To celebrate DACA’s anniversary, a range of voices are highlighting the program’s success – for the nearly 600,000 DACA recipients and for the country as a whole.  As many of these voices make clear, DACA’s successes make a strong case for… Continue »

From David Leopold today at the Huffington Post: 1. Expand “Deferred Action” to More Qualified Immigrants. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA–the deportation reprieve offered to qualified undocumented youth in 2012–is the best example of how executive authority can make an unworkable immigration system more workable. DACA has given hundreds of thousands of DREAMers… Continue »