Watch this segment from All In With Chris Hayes yesterday, with New Republic Senior Editor Brian Beutler, United We Dream’s Lorella Praeli, and Case Western School of Law’s Jonathan Adler, in which the guests underscored the fact that it is well within President Obama’s power to take executive action on immigration and deportations. As Adler said: In… Continue »

The legal defense for President Obama taking executive action on immigration continues to grow.  Yesterday, the American Bridge PAC released a memo of executive orders that previous presidents — Republicans included — have announced on immigration.  Today, two key pieces further illustrate that Obama has the power to use existing powers to protect certain immigrants from deportation.… Continue »

The following is a press release from the National Immigration Law Center: NILC and legal scholars discuss President Obama’s options during press briefing President Obama has the legal authority and historical precedent to issue broad administrative relief in the area of immigration, legal scholars and practitioners agreed Wednesday during a telephonic press briefing sponsored by… Continue »

Legal Case is Airtight, Use by Republican Presidents Extensive and Leader Pelosi Weighs In As the debate unfolds about the expected executive action on immigration by President Obama, expected to be announced sometime in September, the case for doing so gains supporters and supportive arguments every day.  Among the most recent key developments: Eric Posner,… Continue »

In new must-read analysis posted at The New Republic, Brian Beutler dissects some of the recent criticism directed at President Obama’s potential executive action on immigration.  Among the key excerpts include the following assessment: Congress gave Obama the discretion he’s planning to use and Congress can take it away.  Congress won’t do that, though, just… Continue »

Ahead of President Obama’s anticipated executive announcement on immigration sometime in the next few weeks, Democrats are making the case that there is political cover and precedent for Obama to take action. Today, the American Bridge released a new memo highlighting 10 instances in which past presidents have used executive action to apply immigration law.  Below… Continue »

Opposing Legislative Reform and Executive Action Perpetuates Immigration Status Quo; Former AILA President David Leopold Explains Why Executive Action is Legal Two new opinion pieces, in Spanish and English, further two of the key points to understand regarding potential executive action on immigration: Doing nothing, either via legislation or executive action, is the true radical… Continue »

Last week, we noted that the real radical option on immigration policy would be for President Obama to do nothing.  Today, two of the world’s leading news outlets make a similar case, editorializing in favor of the president taking executive action on immigration, as the status quo of our deeply broken immigration system is untenable.… Continue »

A full-fledged commentariat debate has begun over whether President Obama should use his existing legal authority to help protect immigrants from deportation, but Daniel Costa today at the Economic Policy Institute blog writes about something he thinks everyone else is missing.  Yes, Obama’s existing powers allow him to de-prioritize the deportation of certain immigrants via prosecutorial discretion… Continue »

Affront to Democracy is House GOP Refusal to Bring 11 Million People Under Rule of Law, Not President Using Existing Legal Authority Yesterday, we highlighted analysis from a range of legal experts and observers who agree that President Obama has broad authority to act on immigration.  If you read only one piece on this, it has to… Continue »