We’re honestly not sure what Marco Rubio is thinking these days. In the space of a few weeks, he’s gone from the Rubiobot, to bad late night comic, last Friday “joking” at a rally that the reason why Donald Trump has tweeted so many misspellings is because “he must have... Continue »
Growing Conservative Anti-Trump Movement Welcome, But Should Have Started Nine Months Ago The growing conservative movement to oppose Donald Trump begs the question: with the exception of a few brave conservatives, where have most of these opponents been for the past nine months of Trump’s openly nativist candidacy? Just... Continue »
Donald Trump and the Republican Party are threatening the livelihood of millions of immigrants across the country. Trump’s recent victory in Nevada is proof of how xenophobia and anti-immigrant hatred are pushing the Republican Party further to the right. Plain and simple, electing any of the leading Republican candidates as... Continue »
On Immigration, Don’t Let Trump Distract From The Anti-Immigrant Policies of The Rest of the Field   Last night’s Republican debate made clear—all sights are trained on Donald Trump. As Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz’s performances show, both candidates are trying to claw their way into whatever anti-Trump space... Continue »
In Houston, hundreds of immigrant youth and their allies protested outside the University of Houston last night, where leading Republican candidates for President gathered for their latest debate. Earlier in the day, the activists had already unfurled a large banner over an overpass calling out candidates, like Donald Trump... Continue »
Immigrant youth and their allies in Houston, Texas said no to hateful rhetoric as Republican candidates took to the stage for the last night’s Republican debate at the University of Houston. Educational campuses should be places free of harassment. But it looks like that hasn’t been the case for teenagers at Perry High in Iowa,... Continue »
New Poll of Latino Voters Shows a Whopping 80% Have an Unfavorable Opinion of the GOP’s Presumptive Nominee  A new Washington Post/Univision poll of Latino voters show that if, as expected, GOP leadership fails stop the nomination of Donald Trump’s momentum, Republicans will suffer a staggering loss among Latinos in... Continue »
Miguel Aguilar made sports history when he was chosen in the first round of the Major League Soccer draft last year —  “the first time that ever happened,” proudly proclaimed his hometown newspaper in Sacramento, California. Miguel’s story is the story of the American Dream. The son of a... Continue »
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Cross-posted from Frank Sharry’s post on Medium: It’s not terribly surprising that a Republican Party that has failed to effectively counter the rise of Trump is now trying to rally around Marco Rubio as the great “establishment” hope. The hope is that the Cuban-American Senator from Florida can help... Continue »
Donald Trump is well on his way to becoming the Republican nominee for President, thanks in part to unwavering support from the bigoted, immigrant-beating, obscenity-yelling, sign-tearing base that makes up the most extreme of Republican voters. This isn’t just pure conjecture, either. New polling data from YouGov and PPP,... Continue »