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Immigrant Workers At Trump’s Las Vegas Hotel Are Being Exploited, Overworked, And Underpaid

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An incredible video from The Guardian reveals employees from the Donald Trump’s hotel in Las Vegas are being exploited, overworked, and underpaid by the billionaire.

According to the video, employees at the Trump International Hotel — many of whom are among the very Latino immigrants he has attacked throughout his Presidential campaign — make $3 less on average than the rest of casino and hotel workers along the Las Vegas strip.

When many of these hotel employees voted to form a union, hotel management refused to negotiate a contract with them. According to the Culinary Workers Union, workers in 98% of other casinos and hotels along the strip are unionized.

Several employees were even fired on the spot after attempting to wear campaign buttons to work.

“To Mr. Donald Trump, we are just a number,” says Celia, a housekeeper and one of the employees fired that day by Trump hotel management. She and the other employees were eventually allowed to return back to work after filing a complaint with the National Relations Board.

“They don’t respect the workers’ rights,” says Celia in the video. “We asked for permission to go to the doctor, they deny it to us. If we work overtime, they take hours from my schedule on the next day so they don’t have to pay me overtime. I always end up paying more or having to get loans or selling something of mine to get ahead.”

“Mr. Trump is running for President, and he’s been telling everybody that he wants to make America great again,” says Geoconda Arguello-Kline of the CWU. “Why [doesn’t] he do it here?”