Speaker Paul Ryan remains in support of presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, even after his despicable anti-Semitic attack this past weekend. Ryan said yesterday that anti-Semitic images — specifically the one tweeted by Trump last weekend — have “no place” in a campaign. According to Mic, this meme... Continue »
Early last Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted an anti-Semitic image that originated on “an Internet message board for neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists newly emboldened by the success of Trump’s rhetoric,” reports Mic. The image tweeted by Trump featured his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”... Continue »
Donald Trump can forget about a trendy meal during the GOP convention next month: The Republican Presidential nominee is persona non grata at some of Cleveland’s most popular restaurants. “There’s not a chance I’d let him into one of my restaurants,” Michael Symon, a respected Cleveland chef, restaurateur and television personality,... Continue »
Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin just scorched Marco Rubio, saying he “lacks spine” and has “lost his integrity” following his embrace of Trumpism and Senate re-election flip-flop. “It is especially painful for foreign policy hawks, reform-minded conservatives and pro-immigration Republicans to watch Rubio twist himself into a pretzel trying to stay true... Continue »
A wave of “hate crimes and racial abuse” has swept through the UK since the recent ‘Brexit’ vote to leave the European Union, reports the Independent. Polish families have been among the targets of the more than 100 incidents reported, a number of it mirroring the “Go back to... Continue »
New pieces continue to highlight a disturbing trend that has been all too evident for the past year: Donald Trump is the new standard-bearer of KKK leaders and other right-wing extremists. Since his campaign announcement, Trump has been a magnet for the white nationalist and anti-immigrant movements, who see... Continue »
Senators Cruz and Toomey Push Legislation Ripped from Trump Immigration Playbook; Mitch McConnell: Trump Not Yet “Credible” as POTUS, but Trump Immigration Agenda is Clearly Plenty Credible for Senate GOP Yesterday, we noted that Republicans in the House and Senate had spent the week proving that Donald Trump’s divisive vision... Continue »
Throughout the past year, Donald Trump has outlined a divisive vision of America cleaved along racial and religious lines, seeking overtly and implicitly to redefine the conception of what a “true” American is. While some national Republicans are supposedly trying to distance themselves, through such half-measures as declining to... Continue »
For Emmy-winning journalist Viridiana Vidal, the thought of her US citizen daughter being seen as less of an American because of her Mexican heritage was just too much. For years, Vidal had already been reporting on deportations and abuses faced by immigrants, and as journalist and a professional, she... Continue »
Following is a blog post written by Gabe Ortíz of America’s Voice: White nationalists and skinheads who were recently involved in brutal stabbings in California will travel to next month’s GOP convention in support of Donald Trump, McClatchy reported: A group of white nationalists and skinheads who held a rally in Sacramento... Continue »