With a few notable exceptions, the 2016 GOP field has lurched right on immigration.  Scott Walker talks about 11 million people having to go back to their countries of origin.  Chris Christie calls granting citizenship to immigrants “extreme.”  Marco Rubio speaks out of both sides of his mouth, trying... Continue »
After years of bloviating and self-promotion, reality star and “business magnate” (according to Wikipedia) Donald Trump made it official and announced his candidacy for President in 2016. Trump already has a long history of extreme and outlandish comments on immigrants and immigration under his belt, and his rambling announcement... Continue »
After the election this month—when President Obama won the Latino vote by a 75-23% margin, conservatives of all stripes have been coming out of the woodwork to admit that the loss of the Latino vote doomed Republicans this year, and that the GOP must do better with this demographic... Continue »