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“Mexico Against Trump”: Legislators Hang Anti-Trump Banner Outside Mexico’s Senate Building

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In Mexico, legislators have hung an enormous banner outside the Senate building criticizing the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for President, Donald Trump.

Mexico Against Trump

The banner — reading “Mexico Contra Trump,” or “Mexico Against Trump” — was launched by Senate Leader Miguel Barbosa, and follows a symbolic, unanimously-passed proposal banning Trump from entering the country.

“A call from Mexico, from any part of the world, to the society, to the American people, to reject that strategy and reject the initiative of Donald Trump to become, first, the candidate of a political party and, then, president of the most powerful country in the world and, with that, put at risk the stability of peace on our planet,” said Barbosa.

Trump won’t shut up about “the Hispanics” loving him — must be nice living in La La Land. But here in reality, “the Hispanics” can’t stand him. Mexicans burned him effigy this past Easter, and recent polling shows that Trump is viewed unfavorably by 87% of Latinos and would be soundly trounced by both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the general election.

And that’s not even mentioning the choice words from a former President of Mexico when he was asked if the country would pay for Trump’s massive border wall.

“The Hispanics love me”? Right.