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Stephen Miller Has Usurped Unprecedented Power From Congress Over the U.S. Refugee Program And Is Systematically Eliminating It

Why It Matters and Why It’s Time For Congress To Exercise Its Broad Oversight Authority A recent Vanity Fair article describes the destructive power that one man — Senior Advisor to the President Stephen Miller — has over long-standing U.S. refugee policy and the law.   For almost 40 years, the law has clearly authorized a … Continue reading »

The Trump Administration Continues to Drag Its Feet and Makes Very Little Progress in Reuniting Separated Families

Despite multiple court orders, the Trump administration continues to drag its feet in reunifying the families it separated.  According to a report to the court overseeing this matter, very little progress has been made in reuniting the remaining children separated from parents, well after the court-ordered deadline of July 26.  Furthermore, in spite of court … Continue reading »

Is Attorney General Sessions Turning What Should Be Impartial and Independent Immigration Judges into His Personal Deportation Force?

It’s Time for an Independent Immigration Court On Tuesday, Tal Kopan of CNN reported that an immigration judge assigned to a case for many years was replaced with another judge from Washington who quickly and with little process ordered the deportation of an immigrant.  Kopan explains: The unusual use of a chief immigration judge from … Continue reading »

The Real Reasons 711 Separated Children Have Not Been Reunited With Parents: A Dangerous Mix of Bureaucratic Incompetence and Trumpian Cruelty

According to a court filing last week, the Trump administration claims the parents of 711 children separated under Trump’s family separation policy are “not eligible for reunification” or the children are “not available for discharge.”  These cold, bureaucratic terms gloss over the real reasons why these children remain separated from their parents – a dangerous … Continue reading »

The Administration That Ripped Families Apart with Little Regard to Law and Policy is Now Making Decisions on What is in the Best Interests of Children

It’s Time for Thorough Oversight by Congress The Trump administration ripped almost 3,000 children from their parents without any regard for basic principles of family law and policy. Officials have shown a stunning disregard for the best interests of children, documentation of family units, plans for keeping separated parents and children in contact with each … Continue reading »

DHS Deported 463 Parents, Leaving Behind Their Traumatized Children. They Can — and Must — Bring the Parents Back Using Well-Established Parole Authority

It is now clear that the Trump administration deported 463 parents without the children they arrived with. With the administration under court order to reunite all families separated by the government, it is now imperative that these families be found and returned to the United States under well-established parole authority. This will enable separated families … Continue reading »

ICE Arrests at Courthouses — Including at Courtrooms Dedicated to Protect Domestic Violence Victims — Undermine Equal Justice and Public Safety

In spite of ICE policy that officers should “generally avoid enforcement actions in courthouses,” The Charlotte Observer reports that ICE arrested a woman and her 16-year-old son outside a courtroom set aside for domestic violence cases.  According to the report, the woman, identified as Maria, had moved into a domestic violence shelter with her 16- … Continue reading »

Detained Mother with 9-year-old Son: “He wonders when we will get to the United States.  I do not tell him that we are already here. He wouldn’t believe that the United States would treat us this way.”

On Monday, more than 200 sworn statements from detained immigrants – mothers, fathers, children – were filed in federal court describing horrific conditions in immigration detention.  Many came seeking asylum only to be thrown into what most described as “dog cages” and “ice boxes” with highly unsanitary conditions where guards kicked and taunted children, guards … Continue reading »

ICYMI: New York Times, “Closed for Business: Trump Administration Moves to Shrink Grounds for Asylum”

In an article for the New York Times, Caitlin Dickerson describes the real consequences of the Trump administration’s recent decision to strong-arm judges and adjudicators tasked with deciding the fate of thousands of asylum seekers. The intended result: deny virtually all asylum claims by women fleeing horrific abuse, kids and others running from ruthless gangs, … Continue reading »

USCIS Methodically Transforming Itself From Immigration Benefit Agency to an ICE Deportation Feeder Operation

Traditionally, USCIS is in charge of granting applications for legal immigration status, while ICE enforces immigration law, including orders related to deportation. These two functions have generally been kept distinct. The idea is that someone with a chance to confirm their legal status should be able to do so generally without fear that a negative … Continue reading »