On the front page of today’s New York Times, Julia Preston has written an article about the Obama administration’s deportation policy — and the impacts it is having on immigrants in New Orleans. ICE has stepped up enforcement in that city — and families are being torn apart. There’s... Continuar »
Yesterday, the Obama administration announced its deportation numbers for the past fiscal year.  While some headlines focused on the fact that deportations declined compared to the previous year, the sad and simple truth is that the Obama Administration is still deporting more immigrants than any other Administration in history. President... Continuar »
The Administration Should Stop Deporting People Who Would Qualify For Immigration Status under Pending Legislation Washington, DC—The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just announced that the federal government deported 368,644 immigrants in the past fiscal year. While this represents a reduction from the previous year, it remains true that... Continuar »
We know that House Republicans are in denial about the human cost of immigration enforcement and massive deportations. That’s why they’d rather kick immigrant families out of their offices than face up to the true consequences of enforcement-only policies. This week, two new developments make it clear that the... Continuar »
Yesterday, Bloomberg News reported on a possible drop in the number of deportations by the Obama administration: In his first term, President Barack Obama highlighted record deportations to show he was getting tough on immigration enforcement, which Republicans and even some Democrats have demanded as a condition for overhauling existing laws.... Continuar »
The Department of Homeland Security announced today that relatives of U.S. military members with clean criminal records can obtain “parole in place,” which gives them protection from deportation and the ability to apply for a green card if they qualify. From Alan Gomez at USA Today: The Department of Homeland... Continuar »
All year long, we’ve been fighting for real immigration reform that creates a path to citizenship for the 11 million.  It’s easy to forget, though, that under current Obama immigration policies, families aren’t supposed to be separated and non-priority immigrants aren’t supposed to be deported.  Current immigration enforcement policies,... Continuar »
Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez and his wife Seleste live in Ohio with their four children (ages 24, 21, 16, and 5).  While Pedro is not the biological father of the three eldest, he considers them to be his children and they call him Dad.  The couple’s oldest son, Juan, has cerebral... Continuar »
A new directive yesterday from the Department of Homeland Security announced that US Border Patrol agents will no longer serve as interpreters when local police and law enforcement agencies need language help.  According to the new guideline, translation help should now come from private services often used by government... Continuar »