Yesterday, Senate Democrats voted down a partisan Mitch McConnell-led maneuver and bill in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The GOP proposal would have allowed for huge corporate bailouts with little accountability, not enough protections for all Americans, and nothing meaningful for hospitals and healthcare workers on the front lines. In response to the Democrats insisting… Continue »

The Immigrant Workforce is a Vital Part of the Essential Public Health & Safety Workforce and the Bulk of Agricultural and Food Security of the Nation The public health crisis created by COVID-19 has exposed the critical nature of workers in certain industries that are on the front lines protecting all of us, from doctors,… Continue »

The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, regarding the third Congressional coronavirus package currently being negotiated: Republicans in the Senate are pushing for an aid package that favors the wealthy and grants authority without accountability to the Trump administration. This is unacceptable. Speaker Pelosi is right to insist on… Continue »

A recording of the call is available here.  Earlier today, immigration experts gathered on a press call to discuss the ramifications following Trump’s failed attempts to address the nation’s public concerns in this unprecedented crisis. During this time of uncertainty, rather than providing the nation with solutions, Trump has again vilified immigrants in order to… Continue »

The coronavirus pandemic has presented new challenges in our daily lives. We’ve had to make quick adjustments to the way we work, go to school, take care of our children, run errands, and everything else in-between. The immigrant community is no exception. Many immigrants work in essential jobs that preclude them from working at home… Continue »

Many of us are being advised to isolate at home during this pandemic, but that simply isn’t an option for many farm workers, medical care professionals, truck drivers, janitorial staff, domestic workers, and many others. These workers, many of whom are immigrants, are keeping our health care services and food supply lines running. That means… Continue »

The Immigrant Workforce is the Backbone of Industries Like Agriculture, Healthcare and Hospitality That Sustain our Economy While the Trump administration proves its incompetence in the midst of a global pandemic, immigrants are on the frontlines actively responding to the needs of their fellow Americans. From working in healthcare, food and cleaning, immigrant workers are… Continue »

“Divide-and-Distract” Strategy of Xenophobia Will Not Draw Attention Away from His Deadly Mismanagement of Our Public Health Crisis Spreading xenophobia will not contain the spread of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, President Trump and allies are ramping up their efforts to distract attention from their own mismanagement of the ongoing public health crisis by turning to their… Continue »

With Trump More Interested in Xenophobic Optics than in Urgently-Needed Measures to Address Public Health Crisis, Congress Should Reject this Divide-and-Distract Maneuver CNN is reporting  that the Trump Administration is requesting $567 million to fund, in part, up to nine “migrant quarantine facilities along the Southwest border, including repurposed soft-sided facilities originally used for the… Continue »

“We need a national mobilization to ramp up on testing, hospital beds, ventilators, masks and protective equipment. Instead, Trump ramps up xenophobia.” Recapping President Trump’s decision to shut down the southern border to all asylum seekers, CNN’s Evan Perez, Geneva Sands, and Priscilla Alvarez report: The administration is pushing to use the coronavirus pandemic to… Continue »