At last night’s GOP Presidential Debate, Marco Rubio provided another window into his latest thinking on immigration, this time as it relates to “legal immigration.” Look, in addition to what Donald was saying is we also need to talk about the legal immigration system for permanent residents. Today, we have a legal immigration system for… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “Republican leaders have mishandled immigration in spectacular fashion. They are at odds with 69% of the country and 57% of their own voters” Washington, DC – A strong majority of the American people are ready for immigration reform that includes a path to legal status and citizenship.  A strong majority of Republicans support either… Continue »

Earlier today, we learned that soon-to-be Speaker Paul Ryan, who was once a supporter of immigration reform, has already kowtowed to the anti-immigrant wing of the GOP. Via Kerry Eleveld at DailyKos: Rep. Paul “no horse trading” Ryan traded a huge horse last week while trying to solidify support among House crazy caucus members for… Continue »

Frank Sharry: los republicanos están en camino de crear una versión acelerada del ciclo electoral de 2012, lo que podría hacer que sus anteriores problemas con los votantes latinos parezcan algo anticuados Washington, DC – Republicanos, tienen un problema. Sus candidatos y su partido verdaderamente están construyendo un muro… pero entre los votantes latinos y… Continue »

Today, on the House floor, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez spoke “about some of the Chicago-area high school students he has met with in recent weeks. In particular, he spoke of the sense he gets from them that they are being motivated to register and vote because of Donald Trump. Standing before a picture of the billionaire… Continue »

Yesterday, America’s Voice hosted a press call that included activists in Iowa who were concerned about today’s Trump event at West High School in Sioux City, Iowa. They were concerned that Trump’s bullying behavior and anti-immigrant rhetoric. From NBC’s Suzann Gamboa: Students and residents are circulating a petition to prevent Trump from holding the rally… Continue »

Frank Sharry: The GOP Is On Course to Create A Turbo-Charged Version Of The 2012 Cycle That Could Make The Republicans’ Past Problems With Latino Voters Look Quaint Washington, DC – Republicans, you have a problem.  Your candidates and your party are indeed building a wall – between Latino voters and your party. New polling… Continue »

Tomorrow, the Republican Presidential candidates will gather in Boulder, Colorado for their third debate. Before the debate, activists will hold a rally to stand against anti-immigrant rhetoric. From the “My Country, My Vote” website:  “A group of Latino leaders — including former Denver Mayor/U.S. Secretary of Transportation and Energy Federico Peña and over sixty state,… Continue »

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program. DAPA would protect parents of US Citizen children from deportation and allow them to apply for a work permit. However, DAPA is currently being blocked by a federal court, based on a lawsuit brought by… Continue »

As Rubio’s Immigration Talking Points Get Picked Apart and Criticized, He Sides with Immigration Hardliners on Senate Show-Vote Inspired By Donald Trump Washington, DC – Today, the U.S. Senate will take a procedural vote on a virulently anti-immigrant bill, sponsored by Senator David Vitter (R-LA) and inspired by Donald Trump, that taints all immigrants as… Continue »