A range of recent polling finds overwhelmingly Latino support in favor of the recently announced executive actions on immigration.  As is true for any new issue, the question wording matters hugely and can influence the specific results.  In particular, recent poll questions that describe the substance of the president’s... Continue »
Below are two key points and insights from recent polling in the wake of President Obama’s executive action on immigration: 1.      Most Americans support the substance of President Obama’s new immigration policies and oppose Republican attempts to block or overturn them Public Religion Research Institute: A new... Continue »
Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: New Poll Shows 2016 Latino Votes Will Follow Candidates who Want to Continue and Extend President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration During the November 2014 midterms Latino voters said the number one issue they wanted Congress and the President to address was immigration reform.  Today,... Continue »
New Gallup approval numbers and a growing body of polling demonstrate that President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration are overwhelmingly popular among Latino voters.  As Republicans hold hearings today that unofficially kick off their attempts to block and overturn this sensible step forward on immigration, the warning signs... Continue »
With Congress back in session this week, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is teeing up attacks on President Obama’s lawful use of executive action on immigration, with the House kicking things off with two hearings scheduled for Tuesday. If Republicans are actually serious about dealing with immigration and preempting... Continue »
This morning, Presente.org, NALACC, Mi Familia Vota, and Latino Decisions released a new poll of Latino voters on President Obama’s new executive action for immigrants — and the findings should scare the heck out of Republicans.  While both Republican members of Congress and the right-wing base are losing it over Obama’s announcement, fully 89%... Continue »
With the debate over immigration executive action in full swing, here are three key points regarding public opinion and the polling instruments used to measure it: 1)      If you ask a misleading question, you’ll get an inaccurate response.  Polling from USA Today released this week asks, “Should President Obama... Continue »
On Monday, America’s Voice released a poll examining Latino voters and their implications on the upcoming midterm and Presidential elections.  The full toplines, crosstabs and power point presentation are available online. Here’s an infographic highlighting the key takeaways for 2016.   Continue »