How many times can the Democrats trip over the same stumbling block when it comes to immigration? How long will they allow Republican anti-immigrant extremists to intimidate them, to the point of forgetting that a majority of the population and a majority of the people who vote for them... Continuar »
¿Cuántas veces pueden tropezar los demócratas con la misma piedra cuando de inmigración se trata? ¿Hasta cuándo permitirán que los extremistas republicanos antiinmigrantes los intimiden, al punto de obviar que la mayoría de la población y la mayoría de quienes votan por ellos en las elecciones apoyan una vía... Continuar »
Thrust to the epicenter of one of the most incandescent political battles in the United States today, unaccompanied migrant children are, evidently, an unequivocal symptom of the socio-economic and institutional breakdown in the poorest regions from which they come. Not only that, but their presence also highlights the types... Continuar »
Convertidos en el epicentro de una de las batallas políticas más candentes del momento en Estados Unidos, los menores migrantes no acompañados son, evidentemente, un síntoma inequívoco de la descomposición socioeconómica e institucional de las regiones más empobrecidas de donde provienen. Pero no solo eso, pues su presencia también... Continuar »
In a series of congressional delegations going to the border and on relentless appearances on right wing media, Republicans are stoking fear and playing politics over immigration. They do not acknowledge that the vast majority of migrants are being kept out or that the ones who are being let... Continuar »
Republicans head to the border to score political points, while the solutions to the regional migration challenges reside in the region south of the border There is a crisis. It’s in Central America. The failure of governments in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to provide for their citizens has... Continuar »
It’s certainly symptomatic to see how the combined narratives on the topic of immigration show the true intentions of those addressing the situation of thousands of immigrants who, even in this century, consider the United States to be their only salvation. The contrasts, of course, are evident, especially trying... Continuar »
In a bizarre tweet early Monday morning, John Cornyn stated that President Biden has “emphasized the humane treatment of immigrants, regardless of their legal status” in reference to those seeking asylum at our border. Although the sentiments are far from shocking considering Cornyn’s voting record on immigration, most members... Continuar »
“Blow past them, Democrats. Blow past them again.”   Democrats are on the verge of signing into law the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 package. Meanwhile, Republicans are giving new meaning to the term “opposition party.” Some key points: Democrats pass major legislation and move to pass popular legislation on multiple... Continuar »
The Biden Administration Should Urgently Designate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras & Nicaragua Reuters reports that the United Nations World Food Programme released a new study citing that millions across Central America are facing “emergency level food insecurity” as a result of the economic crisis... Continuar »