Check out this fact sheet released today, “Myths and Facts on the Central American Migration Surge” from the Society of Jesus in the United States and the Washington Office on Latin America. View the original fact sheet here. Myths and Facts on Central American Migration Surge Continue »
Former acting commissioner of the US Customs & Border Patrol Agency Jason Ahern spoke with Chuck Todd on MSNBC this morning about children at the border, and called the issue an “international humanity crisis.” Ahern emphasized the plight of the children and said that they are coming to the US to... Continue »
With the window for legislative action on immigration rapidly closing, new polling released yesterday underscores that House Republican leadership’s opposition to reform resonates only with a small and shrinking slice of the electorate – less than one-fifth of the country.  Separate analysis of the implications of House Republicans’ refusal... Continue »
PBS Newshour: Immigration reform emerges as key issue in primary contest facing Eric Cantor By Rachel Wellford Wall Street Journal: Eric Cantor May Get Immigration Signal in Tuesday’s Vote By Laura Meckler Associated Press: Supreme Court: Children over 21 go to back of visa line Reuters: Supreme Court rules... Continue »
As noted below, the Texas Republican Party held its convention this past weekend. And, as Greg Sargent points out, it’s not just Texas, the Republican Party nationally is becoming Ted Cruz’s party and it’s getting even more viciously anti-immigrant: There’s a lot of chatter today about Senator Ted Cruz’s... Continue »
Lindsey Graham Stands Strong, Eric Cantor Runs Scared Washington, DC – Despite real world evidence at the ballot box that embracing a practical approach to immigration reform is no problem, too many in the Republican Party continue to act as if the loud-but-not-large nativist wing of the party is... Continue »
El Gobierno estadounidense anunció hoy una iniciativa para reclutar un centenar de abogados y asistentes legales para proveer asistencia legal a los niños inmigrantes que llegan solos a Estados Unidos. Continue »
Dos de los tres hijos de Baudilio Caballero fueron arrestados en una carretera rural de Texas tres horas después de haber cruzado la frontera indocumentados. “Me llamaron para preguntarme mi nombre y mi dirección, y si yo era el padre de los niños”, contó Caballero a “Ahí supe... Continue »
Lindsey Graham se mantiene firme y Eric Cantor muestra temor Washington, DC – A pesar de la evidencia real en la urnas de que adoptar un enfoque pragmático en torno a la reforma migratoria no es un problema, muchos en el Partido Republicano continúan actuando como si la escandalosa... Continue »