The most influential House Member on immigration is not the Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) or the Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), but Democrat Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). It is impossible to imagine how immigration reform can pass the House without the backing of... Continue »
At a pre-Labor Day breakfast this week with The Christian Science Monitor, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka strongly warned the House GOP of the dire price of not passing immigration reform, saying that voters will punish the GOP for “decades.” Promising to bring a world of political hurt on opponents... Continue »
It’s the penultimate week of August recess, and immigration reform supporters across the country are continuing to pressure Congress every single day to pass immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.  As Jeremy Robbins of the Partnership for a New American Economy said this week, advocates aren’t just winning... Continue »
What you need to know about the so-called “SAFE Act” that Bob Goodlatte and House Republicans will be pushing this fall: Summaries and Analysis: Top 5 Reasons to Oppose the SAFE Act (NILC) SAFE Act Summary (NILC) “Son of Sensenbrenner” Bill Would Make Our Communities Un-SAFE (NILC) Hearing on H.R. 2278, Strengthen... Continue »
Cross-posted from Cleveland Plain Dealer: Pedro Hernandez-Ramirez is at home in Elyria with his family. This may not seem like a monumental statement, but for Pedro, Seleste and their children, it means everything. That’s because, until two weeks ago, the government was trying to deport Pedro. Despite the fact that... Continue »
Commentators from a number of outlets this week made it clear that the only enemy immigration reform has ever faced, and the only culprit that will ever exist in the death of immigration reform—if it dies—is the House GOP Leadership, starting with Speaker John Boehner. On Wednesday, Politico published... Continue »
Bloomberg: McCain Enlists Business on Immigration Amid Party Rift By Kathleen Hunter Talking Points Memo: Pro-Immigration Advocate: We’ll Kick The GOP’s Ass If They Block Reform By Sahil Kapur NBC Latino: An August surprise? ‘Avalance of opposition’ didn’t happen, say immigration reform advocates By Sandra Lilley Cleveland Plain Dealer:... Continue »
Al activismo de ahora se han sumado grupos defensores de los inmigrantes, los homosexuales, y del derecho al voto y los derechos reproductivos de la mujer, que han adoptado lecciones del movimiento de los derechos civiles.   Continue »
Strong End to August Recess and Path Forward for Immigration Reform- The Fight Is Just Getting Started! Today, in a conference call with reporters, immigration reform leaders and allies reviewed Immigration Reform Summer’s August recess events and discussed what’s next for immigration reform with a path to citizenship. Moderated... Continue »