20 de junio de 2011

E-Verify y sus pruebas

El debate legislativo sobre el polémico programa E-Verify no sólo pone de manifiesto la intransigencia republicana de promover medidas llenas de fallas que no resuelven el problema de fondo, sino que supone una primera prueba de fuego para los demócratas en este nuevo Congreso sobre el papel que jugarán... Continuar »
Last Friday, at Netroots Nation in Minneapolis, Minnesotam White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer sat down to take questions from a political base none too happy with President Obama's first-term shortcomings. We heard his panel got pretty ugly. Continuar »
On Wednesday, a flight is leaving for India and President Obama's immigration officials want Mandeep -- a DREAM Act student -- on it, despite the fact that she was once voted as "Most Likely to Save the World" by her peers at Los Altos High School in Mountain View. Continuar »
Facing a barrage of criticism from some Democratic governors, members of Congress and local officials, the Obama administration is altering a controversial federal program in which law enforcement agencies share fingerprints of suspects held in local jails with U.S. immigration authorities. Continuar »
One early morning two weeks ago, Christopher Zambrano was biking home on the 79th Street Causeway near North Bay Village when one of several men in black clothes riding in an SUV ordered him to stop. Continuar »
With many local governments and states insisting they want out, the Obama administration says it is working to improve Secure Communities, its troubled data-sharing program that pushes local police to the front lines of immigration enforcement. Continuar »
Last week's Postdoc Conference and Career Fair for science and technology researchers had all the staples common at a recruiting event. Potential employers sat at folding tables, panelists discussed entrepreneurial endeavors and editors offered resume writing tips. Continuar »
By some estimates, nearly a million young people in this country are living in a kind of immigration limbo. The United States is the only home many of them have known, but because they were brought here illegally as children by their parents, they live in fear of deportation. Continuar »
Republicans in Congress have launched a major offensive to force several million undocumented immigrants to leave the United States with a bill that would make it mandatory for U.S. employers to electronically verify workers' legal status. It sounds like a reasonable idea, but the way they want to do... Continuar »
Sign the petition to keep California DREAMer Mandeep, a pre-med student, at home. Continuar »