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California DREAMer Mandeep, Voted "Most Likely to Save the World," Could Be Deported Wednesday

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MandeepOn Wednesday, a flight is leaving for India and President Obama’s immigration officials want Mandeep — a DREAM Act student — on it, despite the fact that she was once voted as “Most Likely to Save the World” by her peers at Los Altos High School in Mountain View.

Mandeep is an honors pre-med student at UC Davis, eagerly pursuing her degree in Neurology, Physiology, and Behavior. But Mandeep is also undocumented, and her classmates could have never guessed that Washington’s failure to pass the DREAM Act would jeopardize her dreams and their expectations.

After working to fix her immigration status for so many years, she is being deported to a country she barely knows.

It was only a month ago that President Obama spoke about the importance of providing a path to citizenship for students like her. He said:

We should stop punishing innocent young people for the actions of their parents. We should stop denying them the chance to earn an education or serve in the military.

Yet these words have not helped Mandeep. President Obama does have the authority to grant administrative relief, which would make qualified DREAM Act youth safe from deportation, but the President has routinely said that he can’t use his executive authority to end their pain

We hope he does — and soon. Until that happens, we need to raise the alarm about Mandeep. Her friends (and activists from across the country) are not giving up. They are organizing and faxing government officials trying to keep Mandeep and her mother home. Already, over 2,000 people have taken action. Add your voice now, and send a fax to stop her deportation.