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President Obama and the White House

What Does it Mean that Sen. Menendez and Janet Murguía Called on President Obama to Roll Back Deportations? Short-term Heartburn for the White House and Long-term Disaster for the GOP

During last evening’s 2014 NCLR Capital Awards dinner, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and NCLR President Janet Murguía both made impassioned pleas to President Obama to roll back the deportation machinery that rips families apart on a daily basis.  Without a doubt, this will increase pressure on the Obama Administration to take bold executive action.  But … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez Immigration Quiz: Who is the Deporter-in-Chief?

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) spent time on the House floor today speaking about “Obama Derangement Syndrome,” defined by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post as an affliction in which “the president’s opponents are so determined to thwart him that they will reverse long-held views if they believe it will weaken his stature.” According to Gutierrez, … Continue reading »

Obama's 2015 Budget Proposal Would Slash Detention Bed Mandate 10%

The Obama budget proposal is out, and it would like to reduce the detention bed mandate by about 10%. DHS is currently required to fill 34,000 immigrant detention center beds every day, regardless of what current immigration levels are or what detained immigrants have done (or not done) to get there.  Members of Congress have repeatedly … Continue reading »

NCLR: President Obama is the "Deporter-in-Chief"

By mid-March, it is estimated that President Obama will have deported 2 million immigrants over the course of his presidency.  Years of record breaking deportation numbers will make him the president who has deported more immigrants than any other in history, and this week Obama is losing the support of one of his last-standing allies … Continue reading »

United We Dream Congress Targets Obama, Deportations

This weekend in Phoenix, United We Dream held its powerful annual Dream Congress, where more than 500 young leaders from around the nation came together to sing, rally, demonstrate, and solidify their immigration reform priorities for the year.  The group made it clear that President Obama will be a key target this year for his … Continue reading »

The Economist: Barack Obama as the "Deporter-in-Chief"

At The Economist this week is an article entitled “Barack Obama: the Deporter-in-Chief,” which calls out President Obama for his devastating record of deporting nearly 2 million immigrants.  Read the full article here or an excerpt below: OCTAVIO NAVA CABRERA was pulled over by police in Illinois in April 2013 for going through a stop sign. He … Continue reading »

AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka Explains Why Legalization Without Citizenship is "Fool's Gold"

The need for immigration reform with a path to citizenship is receiving a stirring defense from both the left and right this week.  One day after Republican Congressman Jeff Denham (R-CA) called legalization without citizenship “un-American,” labor leader Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO is making an attainable path to citizenship his line in the sand. … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry Reacts to Immigration Remarks in SOTU Address

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to the immigration portion of tonight’s State of the Union address: We didn’t expect much from the speech on immigration reform, and the President met our expectations.  But we understand.  In the crazy world of Washington, DC, the more he … Continue reading »

Big Week Ahead for Immigration Reform From SOTU To Cambridge, Maryland

Tonight, President Obama will deliver the State of the Union. Over the weekend, pundits and reporters obsessively speculated about what the President will say and how he will address key issues, like immigration reform. In a letter to supporters Dan Pfeiffer, Senior Advisor to the President, laid out the President’s 2014 meme: In this year of action, the … Continue reading »

Meet the DREAMers Going to Tuesday's State of the Union Address

For the second straight year, undocumented immigrants will be in the audience during this year’s State of the Union address, when President Obama will address the nation about his priorities this year and presumably urge Congress again to pass immigration reform. Members of the Illinois Democratic Congressional delegation — Reps. Luis Gutierrez, Mike Quigley, Jan Schakowsky, Brad … Continue reading »