Yesterday, the Obama administration announced its deportation numbers for the past fiscal year.  While some headlines focused on the fact that deportations declined compared to the previous year, the sad and simple truth is that the Obama Administration is still deporting more immigrants than any other Administration in history. President Obama is on track to hit… Continue »

The Administration Should Stop Deporting People Who Would Qualify For Immigration Status under Pending Legislation Washington, DC—The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just announced that the federal government deported 368,644 immigrants in the past fiscal year. While this represents a reduction from the previous year, it remains true that the Obama Administration has ramped up… Continue »

Yesterday, Bloomberg News reported on a possible drop in the number of deportations by the Obama administration: In his first term, President Barack Obama highlighted record deportations to show he was getting tough on immigration enforcement, which Republicans and even some Democrats have demanded as a condition for overhauling existing laws. The last fiscal year was different. The… Continue »

Washington, DC – The human toll of our failed immigration system and unrelenting deportations mounts every single day.  As the holiday season approaches, the Obama Administration is on track to break yet another deportation record.  The tragic case of Ardany Rosales Lemus illustrates the price of inaction that is paid by American families every day… Continue »

Despite thousands of petitions and an all-night vigil to try and stop his deportation, Ardany Rosales Lemus–a father of two US-citizen children–was deported early today. An statement released by ICE suggested that the agency might have been able to exercise prosecutorial discretion on Ardany’s case, but chose not to.  As the statement said: After conducting a… Continue »

Obama’s approval ratings among Hispanics are down.  According to a new Gallup poll, Hispanic support for the president has dropped from 75% last December to 52% last month, more than double his drop rate among whites or African Americans.  An article at the Washington Post today explains what these numbers have to do with immigration reform, and why… Continue »

America’s Voice applauds the 29 House Democrats–especially Rep. Raul Grijalva, who initiated the effort–who have issued a letter to President Obama calling for a suspension to deportations and an expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to include “all those who would be potential citizens under immigration reform.” According to Frank Sharry,… Continue »

Since President Obama’s immigration speech in San Francisco this week–and its disruption by Ju Hong, a DREAMer from South Korea–commentators have been trying to figure out whether Obama has the authority to stop deportations. For some reason (ahem), Politifact decided to examine exactly what Ju said to the President — and determined it was “mostly false.” But Politifact… Continue »

Yesterday, we wrote about Ju Hong, the California DREAMer who made national headlines when he disrupted President Obama’s speech on immigration, in order to ask the President to stop the deportations. “Mr. President, please use your executive authority to halt [deportations]. We agree that we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform, but at the same time,… Continue »

President Obama came to San Francisco, California today to deliver a speech on the importance of immigration reform, where he applauded the contribution of immigrants and chided House Republicans for refusing to take action and pass legislation.  He also gave a shout-out to the #Fast4Families, Eliseo Medina, and others who have been going without food in… Continue »