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Latinx Voices To Donald Trump: “Too Little, Too Late”

Latinx leaders and voices have a strong message for Donald Trump’s cynical, rhetorical shift on immigration and Latinxs: Too little, too late. In an NBC Latino op-ed, Northern Arizona University Professor Stephen A. Nuño said Trump’s taco-bowl-less meeting last weekend with a small group of Latinx Republicans glared over “the elephant in the room — the … Continue reading »

After Kicking Him Out Of A Press Conference, Donald Trump Asks Jorge Ramos For A Campaign Donation

Jorge Ramos was hoping that the letter he received from Donald Trump was finally a response to his long-standing request for an interview with the Republican Presidential nominee. It didn’t exactly turn out that way. The journalist revealed the contents of the letter during his broadcasts from the GOP convention yesterday. The letter — marked “personal” … Continue reading »

This Letter Jorge Ramos Penned To DREAMers Is Exactly What We Need To Read Right Now

Jorge Ramos: “Be bold. Don’t sit down. Don’t shut up. Don’t be a victim; change the rules of the game. And don’t go anywhere else. This is where you belong.” Yes, our community is hurting from the Supreme Court’s indecision yesterday on United States v. Texas. But we also know we are more determined than … Continue reading »

Why We’ve Never Forgotten Little Sophie Cruz

Earlier today we shared Univision journalist Jorge Ramos’s must-read column about Sophie Cruz, the young girl who captured our hearts during Pope Francis’s US tour late last year. We always knew that the Pope’s visit to the United States would touch on immigration, but Sophie’s heroic actions that day showed us all how much is … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Must Read Jorge Ramos Column on the Two Visions for America’s Future

In a new column, influential journalist Jorge Ramos tells the story of Sophie Cruz, the young girl who famously handed Pope Francis a letter about her fear that her parents could be deported. As Ramos phrases, “we are faced with two visions for America’s future these days. Trump promotes hate, division and deportation. Sophie wants to keep … Continue reading »

Fortune Names Univision’s Jorge Ramos One of “World’s Greatest Leaders” of 2016

Fortune has named famed Univision anchor Jorge Ramos one of its 50 World’s Greatest Leaders for 2016: “For much of white America, Ramos became a household name only after Donald Trump kicked him out of a press conference in August. But Ramos, who has co-hosted Univision’s flagship Spanish-language news show for almost 30 years, might … Continue reading »

Why I Am Standing With Jorge Ramos

Yes, I am Latino. Yes, I watch Univision. And yes, I am a fan of Jorge Ramos. However, the recent exchange between Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump has made me wonder where some folks really stand on this issue. It’s not just about how Jorge Ramos got kicked out of a press conference, but how … Continue reading »

“The Most Racist Presidential Platform In Recent Memory”: Twitter Reacts To Trump Booting Jorge Ramos From Press Conference

In a stunning move, Donald Trump booted the most influential journalist in the Latino world out of his press conference yesterday evening. The Post’s Janell Ross perfectly sums up the consequences this will have among Latino voters as Trump’s campaign becomes more and more vitriolic, and more and more Republican candidates for President refuse to … Continue reading »

Estamos con Jorge Ramos

Y usted también debería “Esto es personal, y esa es la gran diferencia entre los medios en español y la prensa convencional, porque él está hablando sobre nuestros padres, nuestros amigos, nuestros hijos y nuestros bebés” Jorge Ramos, Univision Luego del enfrentamiento de anoche entre Jorge Ramos, de Univision, y el precandidato presidencial republicano favorito, … Continue reading »

We Stand With Jorge Ramos

And So Should You “This is personal, and that’s the big difference between Spanish-language and mainstream media, because he’s talking about our parents, our friends, our kids and our babies” -Jorge Ramos, Univision Following last night’s confrontation between Jorge Ramos of Univision and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in Iowa, there is much debate about … Continue reading »