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Jorge Ramos

Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos Toasts DREAMers As "My Real Heroes" In Passionate TIME100 Speech

This week, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was honored at the Time 100 gala as one of the most 100 influential people in the world. Ramos delivered a passionate speech which paid tribute to immigrants — and DREAMers, in particular. “It is very difficult to be an immigrant because you have to leave everything,” Ramos, an … Continue reading »

Republicans’ 2015 Trifecta – Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Embraced in House, Senate and on Early Presidential Campaign Trail

It looks like the promised Republican vision of “responsible governance” has a decidedly anti-immigrant bent.  In both chambers of Congress and in the early stages of the 2016 campaign, the Republican Party is adopting and embracing a restrictionist vision of immigration policy centered on maximizing deportations.  Despite widespread recognition about the political dangers of a … Continue reading »

ICYMI from Jorge Ramos: “Republicans, This is Personal”

In a new column posted on Fusion’s website titled “Republicans, This is Personal,” journalist Jorge Ramos explains why immigration is such a personal and passionate issue for many Latinos in America.  Ramos, who has been called everything from the “Walter Cronkite of Hispanic news” to the “Mexican Anderson Cooper,” offers a warning to the Republican Party … Continue reading »

Jorge Ramos Tells Bill O'Reilly: 'We Can't Deport Endangered Children'

Watch Jorge Ramos’ interview on Bill O’Reilly’s show yesterday, courtesy of Media Matters: O’Reilly, unlike just about everyone else, seems to think that Rick Perry’s political stunt with the National Guard will actually work, because it will “seal the border.”  No word from him on how exactly this makes sense when the children currently crossing are … Continue reading »

Politico: Jorge Ramos Fights for Immigration Reform

At Politico today is a great profile of journalist Jorge Ramos, who has been called everything from the “Walter Cronkite of Hispanic news” to the “Mexican Anderson Cooper.”  The profile detailed Ramos’ passionate advocacy for issues like immigration reform, and his willingness to confront those in power — the way he did last week, when he charged Speaker … Continue reading »

Jorge Ramos Exchange With Speaker Boehner Proves GOP Excuses Are Pointless

As Benjy Sarlin tweeted today, “This is a preview of how ‘We couldn’t pass immigration because of Obamacare’ will play in Spanish-language media.” Speaker Boehner and the House GOP may try to blame their inaction on immigration on President Obama, the Democrats, the legislative calendar, immigration reform advocates — and even national monuments — but one … Continue reading »

Jorge Ramos, La Opinión Slam House GOP for Inaction on Immigration Reform

It’s unclear why House Republicans are even bothering to use President Obama as an excuse not to pass immigration reform this year, since it’s obvious that nobody believes them.  Spanish-language media, in particular — including key arbiters of Latino political thought like Jorge Ramos and La Opinión — are growing wrathful toward the GOP for … Continue reading »

WATCH: Jorge Ramos Talks Immigration on the Daily Show

In case you missed it last night, Jorge Ramos’ interview with the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is a must-watch.  Ramos was on to promote the new network he anchors–Fusion–but nearly his entire interview was about immigration reform and why both parties need to worry about passing it. Ramos reminded Republicans that immigration is a gateway … Continue reading »

MUST-WATCH: Fusion’s Jorge Ramos Interviews Sheriff Joe Arpaio

It’s an interview that Jorge Ramos has been teasing for months, but the anchor’s interview with Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio finally aired last weekend, ending the inaugural week of ABC News-Univision’s new joint network, Fusion. Heated and confrontational at times, Arpaio during his interview with Ramos maintained that his department does not “go around … Continue reading »

Rep. Jeff Denham Talks Immigration on Al Punto with Jorge Ramos

We already know Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) as one of the House GOPers who supports immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  As a Republican from California, Denham understands why our nation needs immigrants, and why Republicans can’t be the party blocking a policy supported by the vast majority of Latino voters (and the vast … Continue reading »