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After Kicking Him Out Of A Press Conference, Donald Trump Asks Jorge Ramos For A Campaign Donation

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Jorge Ramos was hoping that the letter he received from Donald Trump was finally a response to his long-standing request for an interview with the Republican Presidential nominee.

It didn’t exactly turn out that way.

The journalist revealed the contents of the letter during his broadcasts from the GOP convention yesterday. The letter — marked “personal” — was mailed to his home address, with Ramos adding that he has no idea how Trump got that information.

Ramos: “I was wondering, maybe he’s answering my request for an interview, and said it’s gonna be great for the convention. Well, not exactly.”

The contents? A Donald Trump bumper sticker and request for a donation.

After infamously kicking Ramos out of a press conference in Iowa last year — and then doxxing him on Instagram — Trump didn’t even bother sending him a personalized note, but rather a generic donation form instead.

“Thanks for the letter, but no thanks,” said Ramos on-camera, though adding that the request for an interview is still open (Trump has been stalling on it for months).

Ramos discussed the note during his Spanish-language broadcast with longtime co-anchor María Elena Salinas, as well during his English-language broadcast with Fusion’s Alicia Menendez.

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